Woo hoo! 1st tooth!

FINALLY! Evie actually has her first tooth after months of teething :\) Really shocked me cos I said to her 'have you got a tooth yet?' and when I felt in her mouth I felt it! Explains why we've had some really bad nights with her lately. I'm just dead proud of her!



  • thats great! which tooth is it?? how old is she?? millie is also teething some days r better than others shes not too bad though i keep putting gel on them and shes alot better after that i thought i could feel one of hers i can see a bit of white and its very sharp where as the rest of her gums r blunt and this is in the place where she bites on she hand. but it is the one next to the front tooth, dont they get the 2 bottom and top first?? xx
  • congrats to Evie! the first is always so exciting! x
  • Thank you! It's a bottom middle one, the same one my eldest got first. Evie is just over 7 months and it felt like we'd been waiting forever for a tooth to appear! I can feel a lot of the other ones just under the gum.

    How old is Millie? That's a really cute avatar pic! Hope she gets her first tooth through soon.

  • she is nearly 14 weeks but shes been teething since 8 its just seems to hurt on one side sometimes she has one red cheek lol it will prob take forever to come through she'll prob be like it for months! eek hope not! xx
  • congrats hunnie!!wowee a tooth,its so exciting isnt it! grace got her 2nd tooth through this week!theres no stopping them when one has come thru! xxx
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