Back to work full time :-(

Well time is fast approaching when i will be going back to work fulltime (had part time hours rejected). Just wondered if anyone else is in the same situation, going back in september and LO will be 6 and half months! xx

(also any advic e on making it easier from mums that have already gone back to work) Thanks


  • im going back in less than 3 weeks and it will be full time. lizzie will be just 7 months.
    I have done it before with dd1 and all i can say is dont try and be super women but get into a good routine and trust me it does get easier- then think of all the nice things you can afford to do with your lo on your days off xx
  • hi there, I went back to work 4 full days when lo was 6months old, then at 8months oh lost his job so I came back 5 full days, 8am-4.30pm for just over a year and now i'm back down to 4 days again.

    In the beginning it was tough, I won't lie to you. Mon-Fri was frantic and weekends not much better as thats the only time I found to do the housework. I'm a bit of a control freak and I can't bear the house to be untidy. This i have to get my head round as i'm not super woman and couldn't do it all!!
    My best advice would be to get into a good routine in the mornings and teatime. the mornings are like a military schedule in my house as hubby has either left the house at 5am for work or he's just come in from night shift and gone off to bed, so I do everything on my own.
    I makesure clothes are ironed and sarnies are made up the night before, I also get lo's bag ready too. I also usually shower the night before so I don't have to worry the next morning. we get up a little after 6 and we'll have a cuddle and watch a bit of cbeebies together while I have a cuppa and lo has breakfast. I then do hair and make up, always do washing early in morning so that ready to hang out, tidy round, then I get lo dressed and washed then I go get dressed and we're out of the door by 7.50am to drop lo at nursery / mil's.
    same when we come in at teatime, lo's tea is the first to get done then i'll tidy round and get our tea started (or wait for hubby to come in and get him to cook it!!)

    for me it got a lot easier once lo was toddling and became more conversant, as they can then entertain themselves a bit more while you can get things done or get ready.

    Also, what's your hubby like at helping round the house? in our house we do share the housework and he does a lot of cooking too. I think its a necessity when both are working and you have kids. Especially at weekends as you will find that time very precious with lo. So we both get the housework out of the way on either a sat or sun morning then we have the rest of the day to spend with lo.

    Good luck, and remember to stay calm!!!
  • Hey thanks for advice ladies,

    My husband is quite good round the house, he cooks most nights and when we were both working he did all the ironing!! The mornings will be tough as Lo will be out by 6.45, so will have breakfast at mil or nursery.

    i think the first week will be tough i'm sure we will get into a routine quickly, also my mil will have lo at our house one day a week and i'm sure she will do some house work and offer to do ironing etc (she has her bad points but she is quite good in that way image)

    I'm more concerned about being seperated from lo image, as i'm breast feeding still i haven't really left him with anyone. How did you cope with this?? most days will be home for 3.30 so not to bad xx
  • okay, yes missing lo is hard to start with. I'm sure you've visited the nursery she'll be going to so you'll be happy with the people who'll be looking after her - if your happy, baby will be happy.

    Also phone during the day, I don't anymore unless he's been poorly, but the nursery won't mind if you call a few times a day to start with to check lo is okay, and i'm sure mil won't mind either.
    I'm lucky in that I / MIL lives 5/10 mins away from work so I also used to visit lo at mil's in lunch hour and mil will often bring lo to my work for a quick visit, he loves sitting at my desk messing (would that be possible??)
    I also keep a photo on my desk of lo and have him on my screen saver too.

    again it gets easier, i've been back at work nearly 2 1/2 years now and sometimes I feel guilty that I haven't thought about lo at all during the day!!!
  • have visited the nursery and is really nice, this will be one day a week.

    unfortunately visiting at lunch time woulodn't be an option as i'm a teacher and work 30 mins away.

    Just got to stop thinking about it, it's driving me insane ! x
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