God why are men FKING IDIOTS

I was in my underwear, getting myself ready after coming out of the shower, felt really good about myself ...for a change and the lovely darling fucking other half says are you still using that Bio oil and touched the stretch marks on my belly!!!!!!!!!!! they are right across my tummy n on my hips , they are starting to fade they are like a light pinky colour rather than the purple after the wee man was born so i felt quite good then that prat goes and says that, dont you just love mean and theirway of just saying things whether theyr hurtful or not! ...yeh mee too.

this is very random but as i type this ive just noticed its snowing outside image


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  • My hubby asked me this morning when I was going to start doing exercises dvds again....! He then told me he thought I could do it as a stress reliever!!!!

    Nice, spent all day feeling like I knock him sick :cry:
  • I feel for you, thankfully my oh isn't that insensitive (but then he's knows better, lol)

    MrsT - My reply would have been "I will do them again when you do" No matter what his physic (sp?) is.

    Scotlass2010 - I would poor the bio-oil down his underpants as he was leaving for work or just going out. Then blame the sudden outburst on pg hormones and insensitive men!! If not the clothes then in his drinks. And I want some of that snow. It never snows here!! image

    Men and weather!!

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • Hi Girls

    Thanks for the reply, its good to let off some steam because Pumpkin Patch i feel like slamming the bottle in his face rather than pour it over him lol he also tells me that when im on my first period since having the lo, so my hormones were raging!!!

  • Ha Ha Ha. Men!!! Love em, Hate em.
  • omg i wud of belted him thats a horrible thing to say i wudnt talk to him ever again how didnt u burst into tears i wud balled my eyes out talk about knock ure self confidens god what a tosser tell him he has a small di.. that will shut him up and hurt his ego i bet u r lovely babe ignore that arogant arse we all love u xxx
  • They are rubbish! I was lamenting my still a bit wobbly stomach the other day and my husband turned around and went 'wibble wobble wibble wobble jelly on a plate'!! He was only joking and I knew he was but still, cheeky b*gger.
    I'd like to see any of them cope with what we go through!!
  • ha ha gotta love em. i was chatting to my OH the other day about my stretchmarks (as you do!) and I mentioned how they seemed to have appeared more as I have lost weight after having Harry than when I was pregnant, you know what the cheeky sod said? 'Oh no, they were all there, you just couldn't see them!' I had to laugh otherwise I think I would have brained him :lol:

    Clare & Harry x
  • Awww Thanks Tinkerbell, that made me smile, and feel better,

    Tam1979 funnily enough straight after i had the lo as your belly is jelly like he found it funny to sing Jelly belly to me, he didnt find it so funny when i whacked him in the nuts and said its their fault lolol
    Men are great with tact,!
  • lol scotslass re your last comment to tam1979.

    My oh has kept on going about me being fatty and needing to lose weight. Im like yeah well it'll drop of slowly. Anyhow, since Christmas his stomach has ballooned. So I now take the mic and call him fatty. His only come back is. Yeah and somebody else needs to lose weight too. I feel a bit harsh saying it. But it does make me feel better it. He has got a way with it so much to me. Feel like Im giving him a taste of his own medicine!
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