easy does it both times???

hello ladies!!

This has probably been asked a good few times, but does a straight forward quick first labour equal a similar labour second time round???

My labour was 7hrs.. most spent at home, went hosp, was 8cm dialated, gave birth 1hr .30 mins later.delivered no problems, just gas and air and placenta delivered naturally. midwife said I be a good candidate for a home birth next time. but Im just wondering what the likelihood would be of it being just as good second time round???

Ta girls xxx


  • well i guess it makes sense that it would be quick 2nd time round if it was 1st as long as there are no complications.....my 1st labour was 18 hrs start to finish ...second was 5 hours from the first twinge to placenta out (and placenta took an hour!)....so i think the answer is yes easy both times xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • i wouldnt say so as i know people who have had easy first labours then hard second ones, i was lucky all mine were quick and straight forward. but my second was my longest
  • i think everyone is different.
    With my first i was in the latent phase for 3 days in active labour for 14hrs, she was 8 days late... with my second i was in active labour for 16hrs! he was 7 days late.There is only 12mnth between my two so everyone said it would be esay as things hadnt had chance to return back to 'noramal' HA! What did they know!? They were both 'normal' labours and straight forward.
    My sil gave birth to her 2nd in 9mins! She was being assessed due to pre-eclampsia on the post natal ward... she had had a few twinges but nothing major... her waters went then she was shouting she needed to push... 9 mins later Ruby Millie was born. They just delivered her in the ward and pulled the curtains round! Ha!ha! Some people are just born lucky!!
  • Hi

    With my son i got my first twinge at 5:30pm, went into hospital 12:00am, and had him at 5:30am.

    First twinge with daughter at 3:30am, hospital at 7:45am, had her at 8:30am.

    very speedy second time round for me.

    Lisa xxx
  • Hi, I had a much quicker, easier second labour.

    My first was 37 hours - after 30-odd hours at home I had to transfer to hospital, where Jacob was delivered by ventouse and forceps as he was stuck.

    My second started with niggles at 11pm, I slept a little and by 8am I still wasn't sure I was in labour. My notes said regular contractions started at 10am, Noah was born at 11.45am (my waters went in the car halfway to the birth centre, and I had to start pushing - he was born 20 mins after we arrived!!), and the placenta arrived at 12pm (I had to have the injection due to bleeding). I only used a TENS machine.

    Most people I've spoken to have said their second labours were shorter and easier xx
  • My second labour was ace! Had first contraction at 3.30am, got to hospital just before 7am (contractions every 5 mins) and had Evie at 8.07am! Not sure how much of it was active labour as I was never examined but I didn't have any pain relief until I started pushing and she only took a few mins to be born.

    First time around I was also half induced like SB (I was also 3cms when got to hospital!) and the active labour was about 3 hours but 1 hour45mins of that was pushing.

    So defo easier for me second time around! I had Evie in birth centre but could have easily had a home birth with no probs. Especially since I didn't believe I was in proper labour and wasn't sure about going to hospital! :lol:

  • my labour was 3 hrs and cariad was my first. my waters went at 6.30pm, my contractions started at 8pm i was examined at 8.15 and i was alrready 3cm, doctor coould see my cervix which meant that they were unable to stop my laboour as i was only 32+5 days. i was examined again at 9.30 and i was 9 cm. cariad was born at 11.19pm. my labour would have been much faster apart from her head was at an awkward angle which made it really difficult to deliver her head. the midwife said that if i go full term next time then i should have a home birth as i would probably be unlikely to make it to the hospital, as if cariads head was right she would have been born about 90mins earlier, which would have made my labour 90mins long.

    if it is true about second labours being faster, my god i'll only have to cough and baby will be born
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