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Hello after advice on age gaps.

My hubby is 35 and whats to have done all the baby making before he's 40. I'm currently 26 but will be 27 this year. We curently have one whos 7 months in 8 days and we'd like another two. I've been quite broody since Jamie was about 2 months - lol

my question really is how do you find the work load?? with small age gaps lets say between and 18 month and 2.5 years age gap. Any recomendations??

also do you think its normal to be feeling like I want another one when Jamie is so young?

thanks for any tips and advice you can offer xx


  • Hi apple jack,

    Isobel is 9 months old and Ive been feeling broody for ages now. I really want to start trying for a 2nd as soon as possible but oh wants to wait until she's 2.

    Sorry don't really have any advice but just wanted to let you know youre not the only one feeling broody!! xx
  • Hi,
    floyd is nearly 15months and im am 22+1 (due in july) I'm 20 at the mo and will be 21 when baby is born i didnt plan to fall prg again it just happened after i stopped breastfeeding (wasnt using contraception) me and my oh had talked a couple months before about trying for a girl end of this year but then i found out i was already prg (with a boy) it was a shock at first but quickly got used to the idea my only hesitation was the fact that floyd is still a baby himself and needs lots of love and attention and didnt want him to miss out on our time together.... but i will just have to make sure that all my time isnt taken up with newborn.
    I do still wonder how it is goin to be as i cant really imagine having two children and going through everything i've been through with floyd all over again!!! I would stil like to try for a girl but probably not for a couple of years lol we'll see how this goes first.
    If you feel you would be ready to go through everything you have just been through and more as there will be a newborn and lo then go for it.
    i think it is normal to get broody so soon especially if lo is was a good baby i did occasionally get broody myself especially as a few of my friends started having babies..

  • I have just over 2 years between Amy & Zara, & 14 months between Zara & Madison & even though it can be hardwork at times its definately a lot of fun & I'm really looking forward to all 3 of them growing up close. I would say that the 2 year gap was probably the easier to deal with as Amy had a bit more understanding of the concept of a new baby when Zara came along & when Madison was born (she was 3 when Madison was born) she just fell immediately into protective mode!!! Zara on the otherhand didnt understand & did take it badly for a few day but came round just as quick & is fine with Madison now & loves covering her with kisses!!!
  • I've got very small age gap between my girls, there's only just over 12 months between them. I honestly don't find it much harder having 2 than 1. Lily won't ever remember being an only child and she was never jealous of Evie. They are so close now and it's just adorable to see them playing together and giggling. Yeah there is a bit more work, more nappies and washing and making meals etc but I don't find it difficult to cope with. I was already doing loads of washing each day and changing lots of nappies so a bit more is hardly noticeable!

    If you and your hubby feel it's the right time then go for it!

  • Hello

    I am currently expecting my second baby in 6 weeks time. There will 18 months between my two. I was broody from when Freya was around 6 months old. It's normal. If you feel its the right time then go for it.

    My oh is 40 this year and he says no more!! He doesn't want to be an 'old' Dad. Not that I consider him to be 'old'.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • Hi well i have a 5 yr age gap between ellie and leo and a 10 month age gap between leo and james lol i didnt plan such a small age gap it just happened even though was using contraception.
    I found the bigger age gap easier as ellie was able to help and understand more, i feel that leo had to grow up to fast as he was still a baby when james came along i feel sometimes he missed out because i had james to sort out. having said that ellie did get jealous of the boys but leo will never be jealous as he wont remember, and hopefully james and leo will be close as they will be in the same yr at school lol
    vikki xx
  • I have 2yrs 8 months between my 3 and I LOVE it. There is 1yr 2 months between my first 2 and 1yr 6 months between my second 2.

    My two eldest are all into the same things and its sooo lovely to watch them together and I cant wait for Tyler to start joining in too. It does have moments where you feel absolutely shattered as you are constantly doing something but thats what I enjoy the most - that feeling of being busy and very much alive!! It can be hard when they all need something or are crying at the same time but its nothing that cant be sorted out with a bit of a routine. I make sure they all have 1 to 1 time too. Its alot easier than people assume. I love my boys being close in age and I wouldnt wish it any different! xx
  • hi, i have 15mths between my eldest 2 loved every minute of it they were both pretty much in same routine abd are the best of friends, i have a few probs now they are nearly 6 and nearly 5 as at school and are pretty much at same level so bit competitive but i wouldn't change it love. i then have a 3 yr age gap betwen my 19 mth old and next one and i personally find that hard but then i was used to smaller age gaps we are currently TTC and hopefully it will be about a 2yr 3month age gap. i think people just cope what ever the age gap and adjust accordingly.
  • it worked for me but might not work for someone else if you know what i mean? :0)
  • hiya, my 2 girls are 1yr 1week apart and i too love it! we are also ttc nu 3 so we have a similar age gap...if you feel ready then go for will cope just fine its brill image
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