Cough and Cold

Is there anything the doctor can do with a 5 month old with a cold and cough its his first one not quite sure what to do. Just been giving him liquids and more breastfeeds. Anything else i can do it sounds much worse at night too is this normal??


  • Your probably better off just sticking with calpol to ease the pain. If he has a stuffy nose, vapourisers are excellent or some olbas oil
  • Tyler has just been having simple linctus (go to the doc so he can perscribe the right dose age wise) you can get baby olbus oils. Its defo normal to be worse at night. Hope hes feeling better soon xx xx
  • hey,

    your doing the right thing by giving more feeds and water. If your worried then do take him to the doctors, they will be able to check him over and give you advice and a prescription if needed. A doctor should never mind seeing a baby when they're ill.

    At night, you could try raising one end of the cot to help him breath more easily.

    hope he's feeling better soon

  • thanks so much everyone x
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