Anyone got any tips to ease teething. Caleb has just been screaming all day today and so clingy. Has this happened to you too??


  • I know how you feel. My lo is now 9months and has front top and frontbottom teeth and looks like more on way again. Its neverending.

    We use Anbesol liquid, gel, teetha granules and constantly handing out cold teething rings. When its really bad I give her nurofen. She does get really clingy too and cries if I leave the room but soon passes.

    Sorry but no real cure, just cuddles and distraction.
  • i have had such a bad day first of things to come i would imagine.Where did u get the anbesol stuff from, and what are the granules pls??
  • I get anbesol liquid from the chemist. You have to ask for it though. You also get it in a gel which I have for when I'm out and about. The granules are homeopatic chamomile and calms your lo down. It also helps my lo's tummy as she gets sore tummy while teething. You get the granules from the chemists too.
  • what age does it tend to end??! millie is teething she is only 13 weeks!!! so i have a long time ahead!!!
  • Think Caleb started around 15 weeks and hes 5 months now!
  • oh amy was 3 months when she started teething and now she is 6 months and still no teeth!! Poor thing was in such pain last wk but i have just discovered the granuels and they are brilliant!! much better than bonjela i think! xx
  • i used to give my older two frozen bananas to chew on and it worked great willl be doing the same with charlie when he starts teething x
  • Ella was 15 weeks when she started teething and she cut her first tooth at 6months and 1 week, just popped another 2 at 8months and seems to be getting more as we speak, she is 9months now. I think it stops around 2 years but depends on child.

    Good luck

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