morning after pill?

Has anyone here taken this? How was your experience with this? Dh and I are trying to resolve some of our issues and work towards getting through this very rough patch, as it some times does we ended up in bed, but the ah condom went mia (very embarrassing) and sorry tmi, anyhow I am concerned as I should ovulate today (eek!) I want more children, but I want our relationship to be sorted out first. Thank you



  • hey,

    I taken i a couple of time when we had mishaps (condoms falling off/left in) and we were no-where ready to start a family so better to be safter than sorry.

    It's best to take it as soon as possible though I think it can be taken up to 3 days after sex. i had to take 2 pills, 1 straight away and then 1 12 hours later. If you cant get a docs appointment then you can get it from a walk-in-centre or sexual health drop-in clinic if there is one near you.
  • I have taken it once about 5 years ago now - very easy but made me feel VERY ill for a day.
  • Easy to take and effective. It does make you feel sick and nauseous and if you're sick it won't work. I took travel sick pills as well to stop me being sick and it seemed to work. S x
  • Thank you for all your supportive comments, I'm going to run out and get it. I can't risk it. I think it's difficult being sooo broody at the minute, but I want to be sensible too.

  • I had to take it about 6 weeks ago. Condom had a split/hole in it image So I got it just to be on safe side.

    Provided you follow the instructions, Levonelle One Step is 95% effective within 24 hours of having unprotected sex, 85% effective between 25 ???????? 48 hours and 58% between 49 ???????? 72 hours. There is 1 tablet in the pack, which its important to take as quickly as possible.

    After taking Levonelle One Step????, most women will have a normal period at the time they expect but sometimes, your period might come earlier or later than usual. It can also be lighter or heavier than usual. Or, you could have some 'spotting' until your next period. You can read about the side effects that some women experience in Are there any side effects?

    Levonelle One Step???? is not 100% effective and will not prevent pregnancy in every woman.

    If the emergency contraceptive pill fails and you do become pregnant, do not take Levonelle One Step???? again. Levonelle One Step???? does not work if you are already pregnant. If you need further advice, go to your doctor or family planning clinic as soon as possible.

    I felt sick for an hour ot two afterwards, and made my AF nearly 3 weeks late, which delayed getting coil :evil:

    All sorted now though!!

    I'd definalty get it.....better to be safe than sorry.


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  • I've taken it loads eeek! About 4 times pre-Gabe due to split condoms etc and once about 3 weeks ago... It's never made me feel sick or be sick. It has always made af come early though - boo! xxx
  • Took this a few times about 14 years ago when I was in an abusive relationship, due to failed contraception (split condoms) and GP refusing to give me the pil when I asked as I was overweight. It was 2 pills way back when. Made me feel as sick as a dog and one time was actually sick a few hours after taking the second 1. ALways made me come on early.
  • ah, I have it to thank for my current condition, took it on day after naughtiness and it did not work for me. As it was my most fertile day. I'd hurry up if you want it to work..
  • How long after 'naughtiness' did you take it pumpkin8?

  • Oh no pumpkin8! I have everything crossed it works. I took it about 18 hours after so here's hoping though I must admit, I would not have been so scared if I didn't know that I was going to ovulate a good 24 hours after so I am a bit intimidated that it might not work. I have been lucky I haven't had any sickness, though as a cautionary measure I took a travel sickness tablet with it. What I have been shocked by is how tired I have felt. I put the kids to bed a half hour early as I just could not keep my eyes open, and promptly fell asleep within minutes of putting them to bed, and slept for 12 hours, and I am still feeling really exhausted.


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  • Hiya... I have it to thank for jake aswell as pumpkin...took it about tn hours after and now have my gorgeous boy lol...but hope it works for you xxx:\)
  • I've taken it twice. The 1st time it made me feel really ill, really really ill. Really really really ill (you get my point). But the 2nd time I was perfectly fine!?!

    Take it asap though as I think its more effective the earlier you take it.

  • Hi i had to take this when the condom split and i was day 14 in my cycle!!eek When i took it, i experienced slight nausea and had my af a couple of weeks earlier than normal. My friend took the morning after pill near the 72hour deadline after her 'accident' and it didnt work and she now has a little boy!lolx
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