Book reccommendation, a baby book for 1st time mum

Hi, I'm currently 24wks pregnant and think I have read just about all I need to about pregnancy so far. So I'm starting to think that I need to invest in a couple of baby books. It occured to me I know exactly what to expect for next 16wks but not a clue what to do once baby is actually here !!
Any recommendations on books you found helpful when you had your baby ? Suz x


  • wer i live we got given a pregnancy book and then when lo arrived i got a baby book from hv. i did look at the baby one and still have it but the pegnancy one was my bible while pregnant! always had my nose in it! ide go and have a browse around, i noticed my local whsmiths nhad a good selection the other day. shop around and see which one looks the most
  • apparently the jo frost one is supposed to be fab! thats the one i would of bought but people bought me loads of different ones! not that i have ever had 5 mins to read them lol!!!
  • Can I recommend Dr Sears 'Baby Book'. It's very baby-focused and covers everything over the first 2 years. Be warned though - if you're thinking of taking the Gina Ford route, this book is not for you as it's very naturalistic e.g. promotes co-sleeping, sling-wearing etc. I found it excellent though as it just matched my own instincts for what a baby would benefit from. X
  • I've been told by various people - including my hv not to buy Gina Ford as she's too strict - unless you want that.
    My hv told me that GF's advice always made you out to be a bad mum, but without actually reading one of her books I can't actually comment too much about her I suppose!
    A book I can recommend and has been my bible during pregnancy, birth & after is Birth & Beyond by Yehudi Gordon. I think we got it from Amazon. My oh's GP recommended it to us and it's fab. A bit new age in parts but it has all the advice you need, plus homeopathic remedies for you & baby. At the back there's an A-Z of medical info regarding nearly everything you can think of!

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  • I have found the Baby Whisperer by Tracey Hogg a really good book and although I don't follow her advice exactly on everything, I think her philosophy towards babies and children is fantastic.

    I have heard so many mixed reviews of Gina Ford, so I would say it depends what kind of parent you want to be. If you want a set routine then she is the one to go with, if not then maybe steer clear. At first I was dead against GF but after reading the free book of hers I got with this months Prima baby magazine, I have now got my lo into a nice daytime sleep pattern.
  • Thanks ladies, I think I'm going to order the Jo Frost one, a friend is going to lend me The Baby Whisperer and I also got the free Gina Ford sleep book with Prima so might flick through that too. Also considered a Miriam Stoppard book for 1st time parents. I think I'll need to start reading now as I'm pretty sure I won't have loads of time for feet up and a good book once baby arrives !! S x
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