Has your lo had to use carobel for reflux???

I posted a while ago about my lo always benig sick, well I mentioned it to the hv and she suggested I see a gp to be on the safe side as it usually lessons or even stop with weaning (which obviously hasn't been the case with Zac).

Well I saw the gp - who was pretty useless, and said very little, just tapped away on his computer and muttered something about reflux, feeding little and often (tried that) and they prescribed something, he said to read the instructions fully. So I thought, great well at least that should help, whatever it is.... well I have collected it today and its called 'instant carobel' made by Cow and Gate.

I've read it fully but don't really know how much to give and how often, it says its a thickening agent and can be fed in the bottle or as a paste, or in food, I'm not really sure which will be best - has anyone had to use this before that can shed any light? Also did it work?

Will post on baby too...

Cheers guys

Amy xx


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  • Hi- glad you got something to try although the advise could have been better. I haven't used carobel myself but think I would try in whatever you can. It is very thick so he may not like it in his milk- you have to make holes bigger if he can't suck it through. Good luck x
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