Soft finger foods

Charlotte (nearly 1) is quite good with finger foods like cheddar, toast, crisps, and pieces of fruit. The only thing is, if I give her soft finger foods like banana, omelette, dairylea, sarnies she will eat a bit then squish all the rest! She even laughs whilst doing it so obviously likes the feeling of it. I don't get too stressed as I want her to enjoy it bit I just worry that she isn't eating a lot.

Does your lo do the same, and how do you help them try to eat it?


  • Reuben is one and does exaclty the same- but hes such a greedy monster he then eats the bits off his hand. Have you tried giving her a small bit of banana for example and feeding her the rest mashed up-that way she is experiencing feeding herself as well as you getting her to take enough.
    Reuben also feeds better when hes distracted either by the tv or by a toy so maybe you could try that
  • hi babe we have same trouble with daisy and she doesnt realy eat much. i put highchair in front of tv too cus it distracts her so she eats more daisy loves finger foods but she too squashes up soft stuff. egg mayo sandwhiches cheeses spread etc oh and banana is dreadfull. i too try not to stress but she hates being wiped after too so for now i stick to toast and hard cheese!!!!!!! we just started poaching eggs and she loves them. when you cut into small pieces it stays firmer and more together and daisy doesnt seem inclined to squash it. a ripe pear is another favourite if we give it her peeled but whole she loves to hold and suck onit as well as apple.. roast and boiled potatoes and slices of cooked carrots she will eat without squashing too. daisy seems to want to eat anything we are eating so i give her anything of mine to try or pretend to eat hers and then she wants it. she also gets pissed off and chucks everything on floor in temper i try not to get annoyed but after picking cup up 20 times i think surely i shouldnt be doing this but i try and not show any emotion or say anything in the hope she willl get bored cus if i take it off her she just screams !!!
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