will it matter?

Evie will be 17wks on wed but would it matter if i gave her some baby rice today, shes been feeding every 2hrs day and night since wednesday, she always seems hungry and i'm feeling so bad for her thanks xxxx


  • Do what you think is right hun. If she doesn't seem satisfied with her milk try her with a couple of spoonfuls and see how she goes.
    Other option (though not sure if you are bf) is to try her with some hungry baby milk to see if that satisfies her.
    Do what you think is best xx
  • I bf and just feel like she needs an extra bit of something
  • In that case I would try her with some. Take it nice & slowly - she'll probably spit it all out at first but that's normal!
  • ok thanks. I will probably try today but if she really doesnt want it i'll leave her longer a bit of trial & error xxx
  • Always talk to your HV first.
    I BF and held out as long as I could which was 18 and half weeks and then my little man started waking in the night screaming the place down and starving every few hours.
    It is ok to start weaning babies from 4 months but make sure you keep her away from gluten, so no wheat, oats etc (if baby food does contain gluten it'll normanlly say on the pack) and keep her away from lactose the best way to be sure is to make your own which is really easy.

    Good luck and as you have said it's all a case of trial and error.

    Lucie x

    P.S don't be alarmed if it all comes flying back out all babies have a tongue reflex to stop them from chocking which will ease as she gets used to having food in her mouth
  • hey,

    was your lo born late/early? I read that the 17 weeks is from the baby's edd. Louise was 2 weeks late. I started weaning from 16 weeks but it was 18 from her edd.

    As Lucie said 0 just make sure you stick to the 'safe foods'.
  • I started to ween Zacky towards the end of his 16th week (without speaking with the HV - naughty I know). I knew he was ready though as he was trying to swipe from our plates and would make chewing movements when he saw us eat. Also he started to go only 2hrs between feeds again and was waking once in the night again. I just started small and worked up to the masses he eats now.

    Do what you feel is right. Zacky got to the point where he was just guzzling hungry baby formula as well as meals when he was 6 months.

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