17 day old baby refusing to sleep in Moses Basket

Erin just won't settle in her MOses Basket. As soon as i put her in, usualy asleep she jerks hits the sides and wakes up and cries. We have tried rcking her back to sleep but she isn't having none of this at al.

Any suggestions please? xx


  • Is it definitely the fact that she's in the moses basket do you think as she's so young? Does she sleep better during the day if she's able to spread out on a blanket/play matt?

    I put it down to the movement from my arms to the basket that wakes lo up and she then is all awake again (aaaghhh!! lol). I think it's the change from being next to a lovely warm mummy to a cold sheet sometimes too. I tend to leave lo for a while (when she allows!) and she kicks and punches about a bit making allsorts of noises but does then settle down eventually.

    Some babies, especially bigger babies, do seem to prefer a cot early on though from what I've read - which I hope lo doesn't as we haven't quite mastered where it'll go in the bedroom yet! lol

    Babybelle & Baby (5 weeks)
  • my lo did that, and we moved her to her swing crib. I think it was slight claustriphobia (sp) as she settled just fine in her crib.

    Or she might not like the noise of the moses basket.

    No suggestion if you dont have an alternative sleeping spot for her - sorry
  • We used to swaddle after the last feed, just a thin sheet wrapped around - nothing fancy and then 'bob' him up and down to sleep, only when he was asleep/nearly asleep did we put him down. On cooler nights we put another thin sheet over the swaddle and tucked it under the mattress. It helps them feel nice and snug and prevents that 'jerk' reflex that wakes them up. Do you have one that rocks or do you rock her in your arms?

    We did this till about 7/8 weeks and then moved him to a bedside crib (mini travel cot) when he outgrew his moses and he sleep in baby sleeping bags at does 9hours each night now.

    We dont have the luxury of space and his cot is in his nursey until he's 6 months and ready to go in. The crib we've got is the bedside crib from Hauck and its great for when he stays at my mums, the cheapest is Kiddicare at ??40.

  • Hi

    Tyler was exactly the same for the first 12 weeks of his life, the only thing that worked for us was tightly swaddling him using a miracle blanket and putting him in his own cot. He hated the moses and would spend no time in it at all, we spent a number of weeks with him propped up on us asleep as thats the only way he would sleep. he was also later diagnosed with reflux so it made sense why he hated being on his back, so we had his cot tilted and was on gaviscon.

    I know its frowned upon putting a tiny baby in there own room and cot so early, we had two monitors on him. You could also move his cot into your room if you dont fancy the thought of him in his own room.

  • Adam wouldn't sleep anywhere but on me for the first month or so! If I tried to lay him on his back he just flailed around like an upturned tortoise! :\)

    The one day he just 'got it' and slept in his basket no problem at all!

    Your LO might just need a chance to get used to sleeping on their own.
  • Ellie is almost 9 months now and hated her moses basket, out of desperation we used her carrycot off her pram (m and p Ultimo) and she settled much better in that, I think she felt more secure and it was alot more sturdy then the moses basket.

    Christine xx
  • we had this and found a wedge helped, we got this

    and used it instead of the moses matteress x
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