FAO anyone with 1 of bedheads carriers!

The mooboo ones????

Getting myself WELL confused trying to tie mine and I know bedhead is away this week so wondering if any of you could help - doesn't help that Max was in a right grump when I was tryingit!!!

Does the curved end go under their bum or at the head end?????

image :roll:


  • http://www.mooboocarriers.co.uk/front_carry.html

    Is that the right carrier hunny? Hopefully that should help if it is the correct one! xxx
  • hey,

    I'm pretty sure it goes at the top!

    If you go on utube and type in mei tie baby carrier you should get lots of clips which I found really helped!

    I got mine on Tuesday, been playing around with it to get used to it! Soooo much comfier to wear than the baby bjorn especially now my lo is 8 months.
  • yep the top, i have had mine since feb and its great, curved end top, ok tie the bottom, pick up baby, put in feet either side and put straps over shoulders, pull tight to ensure best support make sure kriss kross at the back, then tightly tie under bubba feet double tie n then i tie at back again n baby should be comforty n so should you x hope that helps xx
  • at the top. I love mine - got the camo one! xx
  • Thanks ladies - LOVE IT been out with my 15month old in it on my back this afternoon and it was LUSH sooooooooooooooooo much more comfy than any other carrier I have had so far! really pleased with it and it'll be perfect for sticking in my handluggage for getting to Oz next week!
  • Glad you got it sorted!!
  • yeah I was just being a plonker it's blatantly obvious :lol:

    Hope you had a nice break!
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