help - lack of sleep!

Charlie goes to bed between 7.30-8pm as this is when he seems to be tired and is always easy to get off to sleep however he does not seem to be able to sleep past 4am/5am, no matter what i try he is wide awake! But i am sooooo tired and today i feel ill and could really do with some extra sleep - any ideas? if i could just get him to go to 6am that would be heaven!! xx HELP:\(:\(


  • im having exactly the same problen at the min, hubby said yesterday i look knackered and thats how i feel. would love some advice too

  • Me too! Oscar used to sleep through 7.30 to 7.30. For the last month he goes 7 till 6 with wake ups sometime between 12 and 1.30 and always at 4.30, occasionally a few others thrown in too. He'll take half an hour or more to settle each time, by which point I'm wide awake. I'm exhausted, feel horribly sick and just want my perfect baby back!

    So no advice, just miles and miles of sympathy x
  • like the others Evie is doing this to. When we were on holiday last week they had blackout curtains and she slept till 6ish she did get up a few times in the night but i'm wondering if i need more blackouts in the bedroom xxx
  • Think I'm going to order some blackouts, though it's still dark when he wakes in the night... Think they're all just out to be stubborn little monkeys atm!
  • Evie just used to wake once at about 3 but ow its two three sometimes four times a night and as soon as its light shes chatting away lol
  • He chats away every time he's up. That's the frustrating thing, he's not waking for any reason. Just babbles for half an hour then decides he's had enough and cries for his dummy then goes back to sleep! Grrr
  • nice to know im not alone!xx
  • Lol. We should all get together with the so we've got the support right there when we need it! Like mum's mansion on bbc3 but BE mansion instead! Or is it just my oh who pretends he's asleep when all this is happening...
  • Can I join the club!!! We are getting from 8 til 5 then she wakes up chattering. I dont know if Im a bad mummy but i just doze and leave her to chatter to herself. I have just priced up a blackout blind and its gonna be about ??50. Not much choice though cos its only gonna get worse as it gets lighter earlier in morning and later at night. Imagine them staying awake in the evening too.
  • Kirsty, I leave Oscar to chat while I doze too!

    I'm going to order a portable black out blind from Perfectly Happy People. It's 130cm by 200cm at its biggest but can be adjusted and just sticks on the window. They're ??30 but I have 10% discount code. Will share if you're interested
  • I might have to get one of those i'm going to look at the website now
  • Im looking at them now. A portable one would be brill, please share the code!!
  • Code is MBS09. Can be used online or by mail, but doesn't seen to work for phone orders x
  • hey babe just face booked you sounds silly but the clocks change at weekend this could work in your favour as it will be 6am not 5am x
  • Think this is the first time I've ever looked forward to the clocks going forward lol x
  • Thanks for the code.

    Thats true about the clocks but its still gonna feel like 5 even if the clock is assuring me its 6. I want her to sleep til 8 again!!!!!!!!
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