got his first tooth today! Yay!! Isn't funny that such a small thing like that makes us sooooo proud as mums!


  • Oh bless him go Charlie!!

    How old is he hun? Amber is 20weeks and has been teething on and off since she was 10weeks so just waiting for that teggy!! xx
  • Wow good on Charlie-did he have pain with it? Alf's been dribbling and chewing since he was 12 weeks old but still nowt!! Bet he looks even cuter!! x
  • Charlie is 13 weeks on sunday! Charlie has been grizzly on and off for a couple of weeks now & dribbling more. This morning was awful he just would not stop crying, really fidgety, wanted his bottle then didn't want it. I then gave him some calpol which settled him and he went off to sleep. Then this evening i was rubbing some gel on his gum and felt something sharp - had a look a there was a little white tooty- peg! xx
  • Wow! Well done Charlie. That was early image
  • OMG Fraser is 11 weeks sat and i have seen both his bottom 2 teeth for the last 4 weeks never thought it was posdsible he was teething until i read this post. dd first teeeth didnt push through until 10 months.I now will look at him in a different light bad mommy me
  • aww well done charlie image xxx
  • aww well done charlie image xxx
  • well done charlie.
    my two were a lot older when they got theres in maya was about 9 months and justin about 6 months
    but charlie has been chewing on his hands and dribbling nonstop for the last 2 weeks, but no sign of teeth
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