What would you ask for...?

Just got thinking after Dr said I need to take a break but issued no prescription for said break, what would you want on prescription?

I'll start with wine, sleep and chocolate.;\)


  • Ha ha great post!!

    Sleep definately, at least 9 hours a night (i wish)

    Also a stylist, a cleaner and an extra set of arms wouldn't go a miss either!!!!
  • Ooh... I think I'd be happy with a lie in, hubby cooking dinner AND doing the washing up after, and dd1 (5yrs old) understanding the words 'keep the noise down please'!

    Can't see all that happening anytime soon though :lol:
  • a winning lottery ticket! and a size 8 body. i dont want too much do i??
  • O wow, I think I'll take wine, sleep and choc too - sounds good! Hot perfumed bath and a good book too! Oh and the choc has to be full taste but calorie free ;\)

  • big long lie in, and my tummy to magically go down abit, and my c section scar to disappear !

  • I'd like a prescription for my size 10 figure back, and a lie in!!! I get sleep at night, but it's really annoying watching hubby lie in until gone 11am at the weekends when I have to get up at the same time every day!

    Oooh, and a nice bottle of red to go with my lie in. Possibly to cause my lie in.... image
  • presciption for my size 12s to fit again, or even my size 14s wld be a start...a day off, u kow where for once OH does absolutely everything get up with the boy, feed him his brekkie, lunch and dinner, tidy wash up and put ds to bed, whilst i sit on the computer, lets see how he's like those onions eh?! (sorry mini rant!)...holiday wld be nice too, just a weekend in the west country wld do me, altho obviously i'd prefer somewhere more exotic, like blackpool maybe image

  • Just some sleep and a bit of piece of mind. To be able to go to bed at night and not be on red alert for lo's wake-up call and constantlybe worrying what's wrong with him oh and a brand new wardrobe! Xx
  • A 'Baby-Mind-Reader' (Oh, sorry, do these things have to be invented already!!??)

    More than 3 hrs sleep at a time, the ability to synchronise the boys so they wake at the same time in the night rather than 30 mins after ive settled the other one and just got back to sleep.

    A never-ending supply of WKD Blue!

    A cleaner! (Who will also do the washing, ironing, take the bottles to the bottle bank from affore mentioned supply of WKD, change nappies and do and pay for the shopping!)

    Not too much to ask???

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 25 + 4
  • A housekeeper, the disappearance of the final half stone I'm trying to lose, a weekly massage - oh, and a clear month in the British Library so that I can actually meet some of my deadlines!
  • liposuction and a boob job image
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