6 month old won't take milk during the day.


My dd has been soley breastfeed up until she reached 6 months. She is now on her 3rd week of formula but has now suddenly in the last week hardly taking any milk during the day and wanting loads during the night. She has never been a good sleeper anyway but on saturday night she went to bed at 7pm took 7oz then woke at 9pm took 5oz then 10.30pm i breastfeed her and prob another 4 times inbetween then and when she got up at 4.30am for the day. It seems to be getting harder instead of easier.

Shes on 3meals a day

breakfast at 8am
lunch 12noon
dinner 4pm

bedtime is 6.30-7pm becasue she is soooo knackered by 4-5pm but nap times are a nightmare wont selfsettle.

She got her first tooth through yesterday but teething definatley hasnt bothered her.

Any ideas suggestion greatly received as i dont know what to try any more? I feel like im doing it all wrong.

Jen xx


  • Hi Jen!

    Long time no speak! Beth is always a nightmare to get milk into so I know how tough it is.

    Just a few thoughts - what time are you doing milk feeds? Could it be she's not hungry enough because of when she's had solids?

    It might have been teething - Beth cut her first tooth this morning and barely ate for 3 days although she seemed happy enough otherwise.

    Could she be too distracted during the day? Maybe try feeding her in a quiet room? I can sometimes get Beth to take more by pretending to bite her fingers etc to keep her slightly distracted from the bottle and anything else around us.

    How does she act when she doesn't want the bottle? Screaming or just not drinking? Could it be tummy ache, wind etc? Beth has silent reflux and before starting Gaviscon she would scream at boob/bottles during the day but would be totally different at night when she was relaxed.

    I guess it's probably a vicious circle now of her scoffing at night and therefore probably genuinely not as hungry during the day. Could you gradually offer a bit less milk at night in the hope she ups her daily intake? Is she taking big breastfeeds or is it a comfort thing? Could you try settling her without feeding? Or feeding the bare minimum before putting down. Is she using it to get back to sleep because she can't self settle?

    Also, could it be an issue with the bottle? (ie that she'd rather eat at night when it's boobie milk) Maybe try warming it more, different teats/bottles etc. Or maybe breastfeeding during the day and giving formula at night (as you can control the amount more that way)

  • Hello

    How are you? Beth is gorgeous.

    ok here goes,

    6am -use to take milk now - was a breastfeed but not interested now.

    8am - breakfast either fruit puree or porridge made with milk now, tried her with weetabix this morning.

    12noon - milk will maybe take 3oz then veg puree - i always give milk first.

    4pm milk - maybe take a cpl of ozs then puree again.

    7pm - bedtime was taking 7oz but last 2 nights only taken 5oz.

    I already feed her somewhere quiet away from noise and people far too distracted, the world seem too interesting to feed.

    If she has had enough milk she will start screaming or move her head from side to side and push the bottle away.

    She is no different with the bottle than from breastfeeding. today she has had all bottles. Last night i gave her a bottle the first time she woke she took 5oz, its not a boobie comfort thing. I thought of that the night before so tried that last night.

    If only they came with instruction manuals. ha it doensnt seem to get any easier.

    jen xx
  • Hi, Could you try giving her the milk seperately from her meals. I know it seems like you're constantly feeding them but she might take more milk. I follow this very loose routine with my daughter (8 months)

    5.45 - 6.00 6 oz milk
    7.30 - 8.00 Weetabix or porridge with 2 oz of either formula or full fat cows milk
    10.30 - 4 to 5 oz milk
    12.30 - lunch
    2.30 - 3 4 to 5 oz milk
    4.45 - 5 Dinner
    7.00 - 5 to 6 oz milk.

    I'm thinking of dropping her afternoon bottle in the next few weeks and replacing it with a small beaker of milk and a snack.
  • Just a thought, have you tried milk in a free flow sippy cup rather than a bottle? It's messy at first - but it was the only way we could get milk into Abby at that age (and better for their teeth too!) and they soon get very proficient at using the cup!

    Or, have you tried blitzing the formula up with some banana or strawberries - to make a milk shake? It didn't work for Abby, but It works on some babies.

    Or maybe change the brand of milk - she may be getting bored of it. (I hear heinze nurture follow on milk is very tasty).

    Also - she wont want to drink during the day, because she is having so much at night. by 6 months it is actually slightly harmful to feed a baby at night (as their system needs time to shut down) and they really shouldn't need it. I would try gradually cutting down on the feeds, and then hopefully she will start to take more in the day. You will prob have a few hellish nights, but it will be worth it in the long run!

    This was Abby's routine at 6 months:

    7am - 9 oz bottle
    10am porridge and milk in a sippy cup
    12.00 - lunch and water in a sippy cup
    2 - 3pm - buiscuit/fruit and milk in a sippy cup
    5.00pm - dinner and water in a sippy cup
    7.00pm - 9oz bottle

  • Hey Jen, haven't got much advice really just wanted to say hi its nice to hear from you.

    I am just getting into a 3 meal a day routine my little man went through a stage of refusing bottles but I just perservered but that was a couple of months ago our routine at the min is

    7am bottle
    8am breakfast
    1130 dinner (water if he will drink any)
    3pm bottle
    5pm tea
    7pm bed bottle
    still having dreamfeed at the min hoping to drop this soon xx
  • Thanks ladies

    well last night she had 5oz at 6.30pm then 5oz at 11pm, woke at 4.20am bf didnt go back to sleep till 6am. So not as many feeds as the previous nights. Il just need to perservere in the hope things get better.

    Annette - nice to hear from you to, i replied to one of your threads. Dont have much time to get on here the same these days as my little rascal is a handful. I wouldnt change her for the world.

    Thanks again xx
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