Has anyone taken thier baby to see an osteopath for colic feeding sleeping problems etc. Fraser is 5 weeks old and once asleep sleeps great but we have at least 1 period during the day where he can scream for at least 4 hours, not sure what to do also he is unsettled when awake, dont feel i can start a proper routine with him while he is like this.
Any info /ideas would be great
Happy new year to all


  • hi hun, jumping from preg!! i took my youngest to see an osteopath as he had terrible colic and screamed most of the day and night!!! i can't even remember who suggested the osteopath to me, i think it was hv, as i didn't know what else to do and what a godsend! after the first session he slept for the longest he'd ever slept, i'd had quite a difficult birth and he put most of my lo's problems down to that, i would definately give it a try, my lo had 6-8 sessions and he was sleeping thru, feeding properly and a more contented baby at the end of them. my lo was a bit older than urs when we took him, he was bout 4 months old. i would definately recommend!!!! hope thats helpful hun xxx
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