Vomit......Is it caused by teething?

Hope someone can help,my usually happy boy has been off his food for 2 days now and today had some awfll nappies plus after his tea, which he did to enjoy he vomited it straight back AT ME!!!
After afew tears he does seem ok ish.
I dont want to be neglecttfull if its a bug or something but he is getting both first top teeth, is it possible
this could be the cause? And what are the best foods to offer after a vomit as he has never done it before!
Thanks x


  • I have read recently that vomiting and really bad nappies are nothing to do with teething, they said it is usually related to a bug but that they should be checked over by a gp just in case. I dont know if this is true or not but my lo is teething but I haven't had any vomiting or unusual nappies, sorry wish I had better advice.
  • Um my doc said the same but so many Mummys on here seem to notice a dfferance in their lo's when teething its so hard to work out !!
  • Hi. Rosy cheeks, dribbling, chewing things, horrid nappies, a bit of a temp....these things I have heard of in relation to teething. Vomiting I haven't, but another mummy with an older child might have. Just make sure your lo is well hydrated if he has diarrhoea and vomiting. I'd try bland foods, bread, toast etc. Much like we'd have if we had upset tummies. Maybe give him a breadstick to chew on, killing 2 birds with one stone. (Although you didn't say how old your lo is). I would take him to the GP if things don't improve soon though, or you can't get fluids into him. There's a sickness bug going round called Norovirus. Hope he's better soon. xx mithical and James 11 weeks today.
  • Going through exactly this right at this moment!!!

    Abi got a bout of the runs in the middle of a nappy change night before last then about 4 hours later projectile vommed her full bottle within mins of taking it. She also teething with her bottom, back right teeth.

    The emergency docs helpline said to reduce her to small feeds more often, add drinks of cooled boiled water inbetween, change her from paracetamol based Calpol to ibuprofen based Calprofen to see if it helps more. Also try boots own teething gel and some teething powders. Also, to keep some metanium to hand for possible nappy rash.

    if its a tummy bug, even the water will come back . i was told not to worry unless the vomit is green tinged, nappies look mucousy, the fontanelle dips, her stare becomes glassy or dazed, i get less than 2 wet nappies in 8 hours or i cant wake her properly as these can be signs of a serious problem along with dehydration. After she kept a number of smaller feeds down yesterday, we tried a normal one this morning but it all came back. She has had smaller since and is fine so far.

    The vomiting could be due to a raised temp which teething causes. Hope this helps and your lo is ok.

    Edited to add Abi turned 24 weeks old yesterday.

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