8 wk jabs

My lo had his 8wk jabs on tuesday and he is still not himself.
He is clingy and only wants me when usually he loves it when OH comes home from work.
He is also struggling to sleep in day whereas he used go off by himself most of the time. Now he wants to be cuddled and will eventually fall asleep but wake up as soon as I try to put him down which is not like him at all.

Is he still feeling the effects of the jabs and shoulod I be getting worried by now?

or is it something else?

Any advice/comments gratefully received, thanks


  • hi

    from what i remember when my lo had his first lot of jabs he was a bit clingy and very unsettled for a few days. I think it is normal for some babys to become a bit unsettled after having jabs. if u are still worried then give your hv a call and ask for some advice.
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