Please help-Zapp or Zia??

Hello Ladies....
I'm after some advice and where better to come than here!! :\)

I have a Mamas and Papas Ultima which is great for me as I don't drive and do a lot of walking and Lillith is really comfy in there. However, she's a big girl and I can see it being difficult in the big pushchair when she's bigger. Also we go abroad quite alot so need something that travels well.

So we have it narrowed down to the Quinny Zapp or Petite Star Zia.

Can anyone give me advice on them so I can stop obsessing and buy one!! :lol:

Lydia xx


  • I don't have either but I would definately go for the zia, especially if you are going to use it on holiday. My 2 year old still naps in the pushchair occasionally if we are away from home so the fact the Zapp has no recline at all would put me off completely.
  • go for the zia they r fab i have had a zapp to but zia is much better couldnt rate it higher
  • I have the zapp and I love it. When I bought it I was choosing between the zapp and the zia, the lady in the shop told me the zapp folds slightly smaller which is what sold it to us. We need ours to fit in the footwell of the car when we go on holiday as we have 4 children so we only get to use 1/2 the boot for luggage. I did like the idea that the zia reclines but Isaac doesnt nap in his buggy very often and even when he does he prefers it upright. x
  • id go for the zia hun,i had a zaap with my older daughter and it dosent lie down which is a pain if lo falls asleep!im lookin at smaller buggies too and like the look of the britax verve which is similar xx
  • Thank you all for the replies-Zia is the one we thought we'd get so you've just helped us make the decision!!

    I liked the Verve too-like the purple colour but also read lots of reviews about it toppling over!
  • oh really thanx for that.They are all really lighweight tho rnt they,the zapp fell back with holly in it when i had that but i had hung a couple of shopping bags on it!! xxx
  • i think is is because the wheels are tiny-and they are all the same size?

    I just googled it for reviews! xx
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