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Firstly I wanted to ask if it ok to give lo fresh orange juice?MY lo is 8 months old and I'va started giving him some orange juice with water in it instead of baby juice but then this morning I just got this feeleing that he shouldn't be having it.Dont know why he shouldn't but just that I was doing something wrong. Anyone know?

Secondly for anyone out there who gives their lo baby food jars


  • heya hun
    i have been told by hv that it is fine to give juice. 1 part juice to 10parts water I think she said.
    I also use jars!! dd is 5.5 months old so still on stage 1 food. She eats half a jar at a time.
  • Juice is fine, but make sure it's heavily diluted as it can give them the runs lol

    I didn't use jars all the time but I believe the thinking is half a jar for main and half one for pudding on average. My lo would've happily eaten a whole jar of both but he's a little porker :lol: But your lo will know his own appetite so give him what he'll comfortably eat and don't worry too much (although what mummy doesn't worry!!)

    Hth xx
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