Apollo Bouncer Help!

Does anyone have the apollo bouncer from M&P? My hubby threw out the instructions and I can't figure out how to turn it off! hehe. Does anyone know how it works?


  • No idea, as dont have it yet, but am thinking of getting it for my wee girl due in oct.

    Seeing how you have it, how flat does it go? I cant quite get it from the pictures on their site ... I have a toddler already and was thinking of using this bouncer to put wee girl down for naps and such, as it looks it is not that upright (as oposed to other boucers?).

    As far as switching it off ... what re you trying to swich off? Music? Or the vibration? For music I d say just take out the little book thingie and for vibration try clicking the buttons? Or actually I ve had a look, how about just clicking th minus one until it stops? :P
  • Finally figured it out! lol. I gothe music off okay - i took out the book bit, The vibration - I held in the button for a few seconds and it swtiched off. When I did it before I wasn't holding it in for long enough.

    It doesn't go flat for storage and stays in the same position when bubs is sitting in it. It's tilted
    (roughly 45 degree). It is really snug though! Hope that helps x
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