any of your babies always been a bit "chesty"?

ever since Thomas was born he has always had a bit of a cough (like a tickly cough), particularly in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings. at these times he's often "chesty", as in you can hear him breathing and feel as though you want to cough and clear his throat for him if that makes sense?

at first i thought it was something that all newborns do but my family have noticed it recently, and he's nearly 9 months and still doing it!

has anyone else had similar? do you think i should take him to the docs or is this completely normal?

it doesn't seem to bother him, he just coughs when he wants to. sometimes he'll cough/gag when he's eating (and therefore is sometimes sick) but i'm not sure if that is related. he forever has hiccups too but the HV said that's nothing to worry about.

thanks xx


  • Yes Riley has been like this for as long as I can remember. Sounds exactly like your lo but whenever he's had his chest checked they say it's been clear. I think he'll have asthma when he's older because he's dairy intollerant and gets a lot of dry skin and eczema, especially on his face.

    I don't think you should worry about it. If it does seem to bother him when he has a cold or something then maybe get it checked just to see what they say. x
  • yep pippa is always chesty, been to the dr's loads and her chest is always clear, you could always pop to the dr's just to have him checked
  • thanks both. kel i had wondered about asthma as i've had loads of allergies. my mum suggested it too. i will see how he is over the next few weeks. i don't really want to take him to the docs unless i have to as there are so many bugs going round i don't want him picking anything up whilst there.

    thanks again xx
  • my lo has had something like this since he was first born and he's now 2, the doc told me it's called a viral wheeze, it gets worse when he has a cold etc, he has to have an inhaler for it, which he was taking regularly up until he was 1ish, but he hasn't had it for a while and seems to have out grown it. the doc also said if it was asthma they wouldn't diagnose it until he had a full blown attack xxx
  • Are you sure it's inthe chest? Could be just a bit of saliva caught in his throat - sounds chesty but nothing to worry about x
  • Hi my lo is chesty he had broncilitus before xmas which started with a cold now whenever he gets a cold his chest gets worse. Took him babk to docs on friday and he has a inhaler however his chest doesn't seem to bother him. You can see in his chest how hard in chest he is working to breath. xx
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