Reaction to pineapple?

Trying to be a little experimental and to offer my lo a variety of different things for his breakfast, I gave him a little bit of pineapple as he has had it before and it seemed to go down ok, however I opened a pack of pre packed pineapple this morning and a couple of minutes after putting it to his mouth, his cheeks and round his nose and mouth came out in a red rash. It is going down now and he is fine, no swelling or anything but I wonder why when he had it the first time he was ok but this time he looks like hes had a reaction. Any ideas??


  • Sometimes an allergy can appear after a while. I wasn't allergic to wasps when I was younger but the last time I was stung my hand ballooned to 3 times its normal size and i've been warned next time the reaction could be worse :\(

    I "think" (im no expert) the body can deal with certain amounts of a type of food eg the first few bits of pineapple but when you tried it again his allergic response flaired up?!

    Either that or as it was pre packed was it in different juice? Or had different fruit with it? Packaged in different environment etc?

    Allergys are confusing i'd discuss with HV/GP just for advice on whether to avoid completely etc

  • I'd avoid it now. I started reacting like that to pineapple, and suddenly had an anaphylactic reaction, and almost died. Now I can't touch the stuff and carry an epipen in case I have contact. It's really not worth the risk. Definitely talk to your GP about it.
  • Hi ladies

    Thanks very much for your reply's, they are very helpful. Phoenix05 thats very scary what happened to you, i'm worried about giving my lo peanuts in case of anaphylactic shock/reaction although he is only 9 months and i don't intend to give him any atm but does anyone know what age you can give your child peanuts? I don't think i'll be giving him pineapple again in a hurry until i've spoken with the GP
  • I think because pineapple is so acidic that it's advised to avoid until lo is 1. I would leave a few months and try again, if he has the same reaction take him to the gp to have the scratch allergy test done.
  • I think you can give them peanuts from the age of 5. My dd is 4.5 and I'd still be wary of giving them to her really - esp if other allergies have appeared, eg in your case with the pineapple. I'm just conscious of it as I have exzema and dh has asthma, so don't want to expose her to nuts too early. Xx
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