anyone who had a 'show'

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if any of you had a show before labour did it amount to anything? How long after your show did labour start? I had one yesterday morning and along with period cramps but nothing since. I hate not knowing if things are days or weeks away?! Thanks all,

37+3 xx


  • it really does vary hun. I had a show about a week before my waters broke (even then I had to be induced 2 days laster!) but it is a sign things are nearing the end.

    Good luck with your labour and newborn hun xx
  • i had a large show a week before jessica was born then i had a few little ones. the day before she was born i had a large blood clot come out which a midwifesaid was an overv exgarrated (sp??!!!) show. never read about them in my pregnancy book
  • Thanks everyone-had a feeling the timings would vary, i'll just have to be patient!xx
  • I had a sweep and had several shows that day, the friday. then a few smaller shows the next day then went into labour that night.
    its happening soon for you though hun. get those tootsies up and relax until it happens xx
  • I had my show on the Friday evening and went into labour in the early hours of Sunday morning
  • Hey fellow due in marcher! I had a couple of shows from about 38 weeks last time but angelo was born at 40+8. As brandollaz said it can vary alot from within hours to weeks after. xx
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