HELP - pram advice please

We currently have the Hauck Infinity pram/pushchair. However we are very unhappy with it, after only 5.5 weeks of use (not excessive I might add) a screw came out and the handle fell off at one side whilst pushing my son. Having phoned Hauck customer services who said all they could send us was a 'pop-rivet' to mend it!, my father-in-law fashioned together a new screw and retainer for it to go in, Now, after a total of 11 weeks use yet another screw has completely fallen out and the one on the other side is very loose and doesn't appear to screw back in. Also there was a very sharp bolt on the frame which has ripped a hole in the side of the carrycot. For these reasons we are looking into purchasing a completely new pram system.

We are looking at getting a Babystyle Lux/Prestige 3 in 1 with the S3D chassis and were wondering if anyone had one of these or has had experience with it and could give us their opinion on it as understandable we don't want to spend all that money if it is no good.

Thank you in advance for your imput.

Fruitloop x

P.S. We want a system that can be both parent-facing and facing outwards, and has a seperate carrycot. However, we are not fussed about it having a carseat. If anyone can suggest any other pram for us to consider that fits these criteria then feel free to do so.


  • That's terrible! You should definitely pursue getting a full refund as it's not fit for purpose. That much use shouldn't count as wear and tear.

    We have the M&P Sola which we're really pleased with. You can use the buggy from birth facing in either direction, or you can buy the carrycot as an add on.
  • How odd. We have the same system and we have had some problems with the rivets, but that was after 15 months continuous use. And we have never had a problem with the bolt and carry cot. I'd definitely make a stink with customer service as it sounds as if you have a faulty model plus it should be under a 12-month warranty so you should be able to get your money back.

    Sorry, I'm absolutely no help on other prams as we have been very happy with ours. We managed to fix the rivets and are still using it at 18 months and will use it again with our next, hopefully. I hope you get some more satisfaction out of Hauk, though!
  • Can't help on the pushchair front as mine was never parent-facing, but you should definitely pursue a full refund. That's a faulty product, regardless of warranty, so they should refund you in total as it's not fit for purpose. x x x
  • my friend had a hauck pram for her baby (now 3months) and hated it!it kept breaking, and she didnt overuse hers either. she sent it back and got a full refund but she had to keep going on at them for it!they were useless at giving her a refund but she never gives up once shes started something and im sure she said she got a better refund than she expected as it was on sale when she bought it but she didnt mention that lol! she now has a mamas and papas urbo

    the website doesnt really do it justice but its gorgeous in the flesh, very sturdy, lightweight and practical and if i hadnt already got a quinny buzz and no money i would defo invest in one, its the nicest thing iv seen in ages!xx
  • Definitely kick up a major stink. I would explain to them that in your opinion it is not fit for purpose, mention the sale of goods act and that if they are not prepared to be co-operative to resolve these issues that you will have no option but to consider taking legal advice...usually does the trick!

    We have M&P switch and I have had no problems at all. Can face either way and very easy to use, plus not too heavy.
  • Under sale of goods act and 'products must be fit for purpose' they must give you a refund - you may just have to fight for it!
    I don't know the babystyle so can't comment. The quinny buzz is lovely if you can afford it. It's a pain but probably best if you go into store and try out as many as you can, even if you then shop around online to get it cheaper. We've had problems with several different problems so it's worth trying them out in store. M&P tend to be pretty good quality (our luna is great but isn't rear facing).
  • another vote for the mamas and papas sola. we love ours. its our 3d rearfacing pram cause we love them!
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