i had a driving lesson booked today at 10.30 and a friend was to look after grace. she didnt turn up cos she slept in and i still had to pay instructor ??34!

friend has said she will cover the cost, she does not work.

would you take the money off her?

im really annoyed :evil:



  • yeah i would because she shouldnt make promises she wont keep.not like it was an emergency or anything...just slept in.x
  • Yes i definitely would. ??34 is quite a bit of money to lose plus you will still have to take the lesson at some point.
  • thanks girls, ii know its a lot of money to her but it is to me aswell

  • Yes I would take the money. if she had an emergency herself it's a different matter but just sleeping in when she had promised you to babysit is a different matter.
  • In theory yes take the money as it was her fault, it's tricky as you say it's alot of money to both of you, how about just asking her for a contribution? ??20?

    and not ask her again! lol
  • bloody hell! is that ??34 for 1 driving lesson? for an hour?! good god! is that the going rate?!!! i knew i should have been one!!!!!

    difficult call if honest - could it be the end of your friendship if you take it? - as Loopy loo said - maybe meet you 1/2 way?
  • thats for 2 hours.

    oh its so tough, why should i be out of pocket i was stood there ready to go.

    thing is she is supposed to have lo a couple of days when im back at work

  • Like Emmalou85 said, i would have refused to give him any money because its not your fault! What could he have done? pinned you down and took it off you? My oh's driving instructor never made him pay even if he'd pulled up ready on our front to pick him up! Oh half just went out and explained the situation and that would be it until next lesson.

    I think thats wrong and either she should pay you back or at least half of it because sleeping in i wouldn't call a reasonable excuse for not being there.

    Good luck either way and an extra good luck on your test!!! lol

    Lisa xxx
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