when to expect first smiles?

I should know this from first time around but I can't remember and my little boy was premature so it was different anyway. So can anyone,tell me what weeks we might expect first smiles from? What's the window?
Ya x


  • isn't it around 6 weeks ish? i can't remember either but 6 weeks seems to be in my head? x
  • DD smiled for the first time at 4.5 weeks, just after a feed, but they were very few and far between for the first couple of weeks. I remember spending ages with a camera pointed at her incase she smiled!
  • We got our first one with ds at 4.5 weeks too but like Lizzie said they where not very often. Now he is nearly 9 weeks and you only have to look at him and he smiles image xx
  • im sure i got Emily's at 3 wks but proper big smiles around 4/5 wks xxx
  • 5 weeks for us, but with undiagnosed reflux at that stage, he had precious little to smile about!
  • I think it was around 5 weeks for us. I definitely remember LO smiling at the Dr at her 6 week check x
  • ok very glad with these responses - I was SURE I got Jack's first smile at the end of last week when he was NEARLY 4 weeks but I thought maybe I was being a ridiculous mother as it seemed so early but there have been more witnessed by hubbie and grandparents and we all agree they are proper smiles - like you say they are not all the time yet, he is now 4.5 weeks. Still thought maybe we were being stupid but no it sounds right! I love them. I remember with max with him beign 6 weeks early he was 11 weeks before he smiled and that was a LONG time to wait!
  • We got lots of windy smiles to start with but proper smiles at mummy started from around 6 weeks image

  • We had smiles at around 4 and a half weeks. He's now 7 weeks and we are getting huge smiles every day!! xx
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