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hi there,

i went into a baby store today and tested a few of their nursing chairs and found them absolutley amazing so i'm looking into getting one. reason being is that we don't have any comfortable chairs in my house and we have the room.

do you have one and if so what do you recommend? the prices in the store were ??200+ but i've seen them brand new online for around ??110 and even a few on ebay for ??40 upwards. i'm looking at these sorts of models:

any advice would be most appreciated. thanks image


  • Hi have a look on kiddicare we got ours from there was ??120 with foot stool xoxo
  • We have one in the nursery and I never use it, it is now a dumping ground for clothes/books etc. I used it for a week or so in the beginning and then I got lazy and now I either feed in bed or downstairs during day. We may use it more when lo is in his own room for bedtime book etc but by then I reckon a comfy chair would suffice. Also my SIL mentioned about how the rocking mechanism can be a danger to wandering toddler hands.........
  • chubs that's a very good point (the rocking mechanism) thank you for pointing that out.

    can you recommend any other comfy chairs preferably ones that rock. i'm a very short momma (5'0) and i don't thnk the average rocking chairs will suffice. do they do kids versions? lol
  • Hi again can i just add we used ours everyday have only just taken it out of dd room to put in babies room ive slept in it all night when dd was ill,Its alot of money to spend but if you think you'll use it its well worth the money,also dd hands haven't been near to the rocking mechanism but i'm sure with everything theres a bit of risk,Ikea have good chair that rocks a bit but aren't rocking chairs & there a good price might be worth a look xo
  • I wouldn't be without mine, I use it everyday, as cloclo said, they're great when your LO is unwell.

    Re the rocking bit being dangerous, some models come with locks so that it can be a normal arm-chair too and not trap fingers.

    There was a thread on here last week about rockers, I'll see if I can bump it up for you, think it had some useful stuff

    Liz x
  • ^ t hank you image you are very helpful.
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