Evil internet??

Was chatting with a friend today and we were discussing how the world will be when our lo's are older and one of the things were how we will will deal with the internet as after all as much as a wonderful communication tool it is, it also holds so much negativity. I for one will be worried about internet bullying, pornographic sites not to mention all the sick twisted people there are putting allsorts up to twist little minds!!

Do you think it is something we will all just adapt to or something we will have to try our best to censor our kids from?


  • I think the best thing to do is not let your kids have a computer in their room tbh, instead have a 'family pc' that your child can use, rather than a laptop in their own room. If your child knows you're about then they're less likely to get talking to 'friends' online in case mum & dad see the conversation...and you can keep an eye on what they're doing.

    I will ALWAYS advise Gabriel not to share details online, no offence to girls on here but I think it's scary how many of you share your surnames and facebook info. Many people display their address on facebook or what school they went to or where they work! I really disagree with this...when Gabe is old enough to do social networking sites etc I will reluctantly let him BUT will always remind him never to give out surname/address/school details etc, or never add anyone that you don't know in real life! x
  • i agree with tiger lilly - family pc and teach ur children about the dangers properly, make them understand as best you can xx
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