My daughter is 6 months old ( she was born 1 mnth prem) and i started weaning her this weekend.

She is breastfed on demand.

How much should i be giving her to start with , how many spoonfuls? Should i just give her something once a day. or 3 times a day?

I have only given her baby rice yet but in a very runny consistancy, How long should i make it this runny for her ? And when should i start introducing other foods. ? When can i give her banana.

I want to give her home made purees as much as possible so do you have nay suggestions for breakfast foods.

Sorry for loads of questions but it can be abit daunting.



  • Hey,
    We just made up a load of baby rice and offered it to our lo until he didn't want anymore once a day after his 11am bottle.
    Then after a few weeks we added baby rice at about 5pm,
    I used to give him fruit puree's for breakfast like mango, papaya is dead good and apple and pear are delicious! We waited a while as we started at 5 and a half months.
    I was totally confused when to give him food and where the milk feeds fitted in but you get into the swing of it-honest you do! I didn't believe anyone on here when they said that but it's true!
    Good luck and hth x
  • hey,

    Louise is also breastfed on demand.

    I found it best to start with 1 meal a day given about an hour after her lunchtime-ish feed. After a couple of weeks I moved onto dinner, then a couple of weeks later breakfast. BUT - I did wean her early so I cant see why you would need to wait a couple of weeks between introducing meals.

    Your lo can have banana nowm it's one of the 'safe' foods that you can give before 6 months so it wont matter that your lo was prem. I found it easiest to mash it with a fork but my lo prefered it will porridge rather than on its own.

    You can introduce new foods as soon as you like but it is best to indroduce them ay breakfast or lunch incase it upsets lo's tummy. I found friut purees and baby cereals good initial foods. You could also try giving them finger foods of friut/veg.

    Not all babies like baby rice!

  • Just to add about banana - it can male some babies constipated, others the opposite and can make for yucky nappys that have lots of wriggly lines in it!! lol
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