Bugaboo cameleon!!

Hi Ladies,

G/C for some help!!!

Just wondering if any of you have any experience of the Bugaboo Cameleon? We are finding it hard to find a pram/pushchair that is suitable for overnight sleeping and that can travel securely on a plane (I know - bizarre requirements!!). We have only found a good solid travel bag with the Cameleon but I am aware that it is soooo expensive and am worried about spending too much.

Internet reviews are mixed so I was hoping someone here may have some knowledge?? We will be using it almost exclusively for walking as we don't have a car.



  • I have one and it's been fantastic. Very easy to manouever, even with one hand when needed. Very light too which was a big reason we went for it as we were living in a basement flat with steep stairs. When bubs is still using the basinette they are great for sleeping (I also had a lambswool rug in there) but now that we have converted him to the seat I dont think it's as comfortable for sleeping as although you can recline the seat you cant flatten it out (like I think you can with the Phil & Teds) but my preference is to not let him have naps in the pram anyway. I wouldnt bother with the parasol though as it was a waste of money and impractical cos it doesnt even cover them and just gets in the way tbh.
    I didnt get a travel case as a friend said they were more hassle than they are worth. Ive done many plane trips with him on my own and tbh it would have been a hassle BUT I just flew back home the other day and the airline snapped my front wheel off. This isnt covered under warranty (airline transport) and now I have to take it up with the airline to claim and find a stockist to order the part in for me. In the meantime I have a buggy with a wheel that falls off if I need to lift it over a curb or up a step... So maybe the travel case was worth the hassle afterall.
  • I LOOOOOOVE my Cameleon! Like you I didn't have a car so it was important to me that it was light and easy to manoeuvre (sp?!) . I alsolove that it can be parent or forward facing, and you can flick between the two so easily.

    The carrycot is great - Toby slept in it so well and I kept him in it till he was just over 6 months for that reason (he was still a shade under the weight limit). It's so great that you can use it for overnight sleeping - we used it in a hotel once when the cot they gave us was cr*p and when he outgrew his Moses basket he could still sleep in the carrycot if I wanted him in the room with me (which was most of the time lol!).

    Now we have progressed to the seat and it is even lighter and easier to handle. It has three reclines and Toby sleeps much better in it than I thought he would which is great - you can have him lying flat, although his legs are still bent iyswim?

    As sim75 says, don't bother with the parasol - they get in the way when you're not using them and when you want to use it you can never get it in the right angle (when you do you end up turning the corner and it's wrong again!).

    But DO get the cupholder - I didn't when I ordered the pram as I thought it was a waste of money but ended up going back to the shop and getting it 2 weeks after LO arrived! So handy for putting a bottle of water in when you're out for a long walk - didn't know that BFing would make me so thirsty! And as RJ84 once said in a similar post, you can use it as a phone holder too image

    re the travel bag - we got one for when we moved overseas recently. We had three flights, two of which were long haul, and I just didn't want to risk it. It was so handy as it turned out we couldn't gate check the pram because we were flying through the USA, so had to check it with the other bags. And we all know how our bags get treated... The bag is really lightweight and fits everything, with extra room for blankets, toys etc if you need it. Doesn't make any difference to your baggage allowance whether you have your pram in a bag or not (at least not with the airlines we've flown). Also if the pram is damaged while in the travel bag, Bugaboo will replace it no questions asked. Otherwise as sim75 says you aren't covered under your warranty - so for us it was worth the money, esp as this is a pram we will be using for years.

    Finally, we do have a car now that we live in another country and I find it pretty easy to take apart, fold up and put in the boot. In my MIL's car we have to take a wheel off but that is incredibly easy and takes about 5 seconds.

    Sorry for going on and on but as you can see I absolutely love it and I think it's worth every penny!

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

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  • Oohh thanks ladies for those brilliant replies.
    I think the travel bag will swing it for us as what happened to you Sim is exactly what we're worried about. Hope you get it sorted soon and that the airline fork out.
    Many thanks.
  • Yep, definately go for the travel bag! If you check your buggy in at the gate (which I usually do, especially when Im on my own with him) that little bit of hassle getting it packed in is worth it compared to me now having to fight with the airline and go and get the spare part myself (which Ive found a supplier but still... ). And if you intend to fly a lot then you increase the chances of something like the wheel or break handle of something snapping off.
    Now the hardest thing for you to do is choose which colours! :lol:
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