13 month old stopped self settling at night HELP

My dd has just suddenly stopped settling at night she is usually always asleep by 7pm but now when we out her dwn she just screams and screams and scream.

She has been a bit poorly last week or so and is cutting teeth but doesnt seem to be in discomfort.

Suggestions welcome/

Thanks in advance.

A very exhausted pregnant Sarah. xx


  • hi sarah
    i could have writtent his post last week.
    dd has always self settled, but last week we had the screams, she is cutting a lot of teeth at the mo and had a bad bug last week and the beginning of this and now she has started self settling again yay!!

    advice - if you know she is ok, ie calpol etc given if needed and cuddles, make sure you try to keep routine as consistent as possible or you;ll be expected to do whatever it is you are now doing all the time

    it will pass


    jane xxx
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