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Baby isn't here yet but im nesting as the say and have a question about baby sleeping, we have planned to use a Moses Basket when baby first comes home, then when she is a bit bigger and or we are comfortable with looking after her we plan to move baby in to her cot bed, we want to use the sleeping bag thingys, I understand baby needs to be over a certain weight before she will be big enough to sleep in one of these bags so that party answers my question but... am I right in thinking that you have to use blankets in the Moses Basket due to the size of it ? also when in the cot they say put the babies feet to the bottom of the cot however babies feet aren't going to touch the bottom of the bag so how dose this work?

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  • you can get gro-bags from birth, they are expensive but if you look at their website you can get an idea of them. I would say to use a blanket at the start but mainly because its easier to lift baby in and out for feeds without waking them up too much unzipping etc. xxxx
  • We used blankets in the Moses basket, like no2bump says, it's easier to lift in and out.

    When they are in the bag in their cot, we would fold any excess bag under her feet, and her feet could still be feet at the end of the cot.
  • to start in the early days u may find ur baby prefers to be swaddled with blankets anyway, grobags start from 7.5lb so most abbies fit in them, but u mioght find the first few weeks that swaddling is a better option anyways. we used blankets and swaddling until ds went into his cot when he then didn't mind having his arms free. alternatively, u can always fold the left over grobag under the mattress of the moses basket, so baby is still feet to foot. and u can feed baby in the grobag, which i personally found easier than having to unravel layers of blaket lol. xx
  • thanks for the replies ladies image i guess it will be a case of trying and seeing how it gose when the time comes image i will get some swaddling blankets as well then, just enace
  • thanks for the replies ladies image i guess it will be a case of trying and seeing how it gose when the time comes image i will get some swaddling blankets as well then, just enace
  • I think I'm right in saying the feet to foot advice is so bubba can't wriggle down under blankets and this isn't possible in sleeping bags so not to worry too much about feet to foot.

    Just to echo the point made about swaddling...Lucas is 7 weeks today and will not sleep without being swaddled, and I spent a fortune on bags!!!

  • i think the feet to foot is also so there is plenty of air circulation around babies head so that they don't over heat, plus the wriggling under blankets, so i think its still advised to do feet to foot even if in a bag. x
  • I bought tons of blankets for the moses basket and on the first night home she kicked them ALL off! Went out and bought a sleeping bag on day 2 and haven't looked back - she loves it. Think it's just trial and error and finding what suits them x
  • Beth was another that would only sleep swaddled. Until 5 months for night sleep and 7 months for naps! So I have sooooo many sheets and blankets etc that never even came out of the drawer! Luckily I hadn't bought any 0-6 month sleeping bags as well.
    I would say don't order too much stuff yet and see what your baby likes when they arrive. They might hate swaddling! We swaddled in a sheet right at the start then bought some proper swaddle blankets once we knew she needed it.

  • I find sleeping bags help baby to sleep for longer and i started to use these after he kicked a sheet up over his face even though he was at the foot of the crib.

    I dont use the branded grobags as i find them too expensive. Tescos and Asda do them for ??10 but are only 2.5tog. I've picked up 2 off Ebay for 99p and ??3.99 in the 1tog style which is perfect for summer with just a long sleeve vest on.

    We swaddled baby until about 4/5 weeks then he got fed up of being restricted.
  • LO is coming up 12wks and still likes to be swaddled. We've tried putting her in grobags a few times, but she hates them! We're letting her fight her way out the swaddle now, and trying to resist re-swaddling as much as possible. We're hoping that when she moves in to her cot in a few weeks she'll settle in a grobag as well - its a right -pain in the bum having to re-swaddle throughout the night!!

    I would advise putting them in a grobag as soon as possible - its what we'll be doing with next one anyway! x
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