Help - how can this happen??

Tommy really is not a happy chappy at the moment!

He is teething, he has got a cold - I can handle that! Thing is now he has impertigo (only slightly underneath his eye), but last night I got in a panic because he has a HUGE blister on the inside of his hand - just above his wrist? How on earth could he have got that - he is 24 weeks and cant move??? Therefore - HOW CAN A BABY GET A BLISTER????

I got in a panic because if the blister bursts the impertigo could get in the wound and then it could spread badly.

So now my little man has got to wear socks on his hands and he really is not impressed!!


  • ah poor tommy!! hope he feels better soon hun xxx
  • Hope he gets better soon. X X X
  • emmalou my niece had that and she had LOADS of blister type spots and her mum was worried coz they couldnt give her anything for it.

    aaaww big kisses to tommy babe. hope he gets better quickly bless him. xx xx
  • ooh nasty, keep an eye on it hon - you're right, if it gets infected it ould get nasty.

    Big hugs to Tommy (although from an impetigo safe distance!)xx
  • ahh thanks for the advice on saline drops hun tommy sounds like hes going through the wars, hope he feels better soon:x)
  • I have phoned the pharmacist and he has recommended putting the fucidin ointment I have got for the impetigo on the blister and not bother waiting til it bursts but use it now!

    I am just soo worried about where this blister has come from but when I went to the out of hours docs last night they never mentioned foot and mouth or anything serious like that! Aaaaaarrrrgggggghhhhhh - wish he could tell me where it came from, am worried he has caught it on something on the baby gym but cant find where!!!

    Also been recommended Medised to help with the cold/teething now rather than Nurofen or Calpol!

    My poor little man - nothing for nearly 6 months then gets it in one hit!
  • Oh no, what a poor little man! Hopefully after this he would have had his fair share for a lifetime and not get anything again! Hope he gets better soon. xxx
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