Does you lo have a fisher price animal choo train?

I heard lots of people were planning on buying their los this for Christmas. I have seen at a cheap somewhere and am wondering if it is worth the purchase or not.

Is it as good as people make out it is?
Also, what age was your lo when they had the most useage from it?

Thanks in advace, xxx


  • We bought Barney one for Christmas and he loves it (he's 8 months now). He starts squeeking with excitment every time we get it out. He loves holding the animals and bashing the buttons so that it make a noise and he is just starting to try (unsucessfully :lol: ) and crawl after it. His big sister (2 1/2) also really likes it and we regularly have to stop her taking it away from him so I think there is loads of play value in it. If you can get one cheap I would definately buy it.
  • Joey08- where did you see it cheap? I saw it and thought it looked good and if we could get it for less then fab. Ta. S x
  • Ooooh Alf got one for Crimbo and he's 8 months on Tuesday and loves it! I think you can also add to it and buy different animals/extra carriages to go with it. The songs are so catchy you'll be singing them all day! Hope your lo loves it too.
  • yep, it's great!

    we had to take the 1st one we got back and took ages getting it replaced - eventually got vouchers from elc where we got it from and found it for ??16 in argos sale to replace it.

    weirdly louise was scared of it moving once we got it replaced but loves it now! i think it will last for a long time.
  • Thanks for your repsonses. Sorry I havent replied sooner, my husband seems to always have the laptop these days!

    Suz..I didnt mention it as it was on ebay and I didnt want to be outbid lol! did bid on quite a few. Most of the ones which go for more also have extra carriages/animals.
    Mine has 2 extra carriages and it cost me ??16+pp??5 (cost ??7 to post!) It would have cost around ??44. I saw the same thing a week before which went for ??36!! Mine did end mthering sunday whch probably explains the low bidders as no-one online!

    She really likes the toys and the trailer. Havn;t got the batteries so havent heard the tunes yet!!

    Thanks for your advice on how great the toy is! xx
  • Just to say, the one that mouse has put a link in for. For these cqarriages the highest I have seen this set go for ius ??15 incl postage in excellent condition. If you are looking to by this excellent toy, its definately worth putting some on watch on ebay, as you can get a gd buy image hth xxx
  • ooo Tegan has that train and she loves it, she got it for her 1st birthday. She loves to dance along to the music xx
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