clapping and waving at 7months?

i know i shouldnt but my friends little girl is only 2 weeks older than my LO although they were due 5 weeks apart as my LO was 3 weeks early but i am constantly comparing them and she seems to be far more advanced in some of the things she does! She always has been ahead of herself and seemed to skip that tiny sleepy baby stage, had teeth at 3 1/2 months etc etc!!!
They came round to play today and her LO can now clap and wave on command! , she also looks at the clock when my friends says "whats the time?" My ds is nowhere near understanding what i say, but he is a very smiley baby who does not stop giggling! He has been sitting unaided since 5months which was actually before my friends LO image i am just concerned as she is the only baby we know of almost exactly the same age...should i be concerned or does she seem quite advanced?


  • No do not be concerned, your lo will catch up and he will do these things in his own time. My lo loves to clap and wave she is 9 months but she isnt great at crawling and falls a lot and is actually more steady on her feet, babies just do things differently from each other but they eventually catch up with each other xxx
  • She seems quite advanced tbh sweety so I wouldn't worry. It's easy for people to say don't compare but you usually find those who say that are the ones with the advanced babies haha!

    I've never compared grant to anyone but he could sit unaided since 4 1/2, has got two teeth now, babbles constantly, is eating his food like a champ and just crawled for the first time today and he's 7m on the 27th. My friends baby doesn't do half the things he does, but grant was two weeks overdue and she was one week early so technically, there should be three weeks between them.

    It may not seem like a lot but beleive me it is! I'll tell my friend grants done something and then a week later her baby has done it.

    On another note...when I told my friend grant was crawling, she mentioned I wouldn't be able to leave him alone you could argue that your friend is going to be tormented with loads of clapping haha x
  • Hi,

    I know it's hard not to compare but lik other have said, your LO will catch up! My LO was 2 weeks early and seems to be hitting each milestone but it also means he is growing up quickly! Too quickly! I want him to remain my little baby xx
  • i know how you feel! my friend bought her little boy over the other day and he is 3 weeks older than mine. mine is no where near sitting up but my friends baby is sat up and well on the way to crawling .... but they are all different and develop at different rates try not to worry as long as your babys happy there is no rush to reach the milestones! you never get this time back with them so just enjoy it... this baby is my second so i think i have purposly not rushed him a long. i want to keep him a baby for as long as i can!! xx
  • My friend's lo is 3 weeks older than James. She can sit unaided, crawl and wave at 30 weeks. James can't. But he's happy, healthy, and my little monkey.

    Enjoy your lo being little. They grow up too fast as it is! Babies progress at their own pace, and don't care what their 'peers' are doing! xx
  • Don't worry Dylan can wave but not clap (he's 8 months on Sunday) he doesn't say any words but makes lots of noises! He doesnt understand what I say bar knowing his name, the word daddy, mummy and Toby (the dog) He can crawl pull himself up to stand and has started to think about cruising (but only for something he shouldn't have :lolimage at playgroup there is a little girl who can wave, clap and says mama constantly she also bounces constantly but doesnt crawl or pull herself up.

    They all do things at different times and rates and as long as he's happy dont worry. I sometimes wish Dylan would slow down, mithicals right they grow up far too fast!

  • I agree they do grow way to fast, the only thing that remains of my baby being little baby is the fact that still at 9 months she has no teeth! I miss the newborn stage!!
  • thank you lovely ladies, i know its silly to compare children and i also think girls and boys are very different! He is coming on just fine, and i think i need to relax and enjoy the baby stage whilst it lasts!

  • I think its only natural to compare, there our whole world we want to make sure they are progressing like their peers, but at this age they all do things at different rates and in different orders.

    Hows he getting on with his walker hun?

  • I'm NO expert but I think its a boy / girl thing, I think little girls do get on a bit quicker and boys sit back and observe a bit more...I really wouldn't worry, he'll do it all in his own time!
  • My friends little boy is 2 weeks older and is starting to pull himself up on furniture. My DD is 8 months and can clap and wave but has only just got a tooth, shes trying to crawl but fail miserably Lol

    They'll just do it when they are ready I reckon. Besides if they did evrything at the exact same time it would be boring telling everyone about it as they'd already know Lol
  • thanks again ladies,

    Dylansmummy-He loves his walker and spends ages standing holding onto the handle...although he also likes to bounce and let go without realising that he will fall over! doh! still the more active he is the better it is for my weight loss plan!!! "every cloud!"

    x x x
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