Brown Bread?

I have started giving the boys sandwiches for lunch, and they really like them. However, me and hubby have only ever eaten brown bread so this is what the boys are having. Is this ok?

Also, Ryan has started struggling to go to the toilet again (although it isnt constipation as his stools, while harder, are not pellets or rock hard). Could the bread be the reason as this is the only thing we have changed over the lasy few days. OR could he be struggling because his bottom is a bit sore due to teething??


  • I can't answer the latter question, but I believe it's loose stools when teething.

    However I do think lo's are supposed to have white bread. xx
  • I think the reason they say to limit brown bread is because it fills them up quickly and they haven't got any nutrients from anything else. I only have my DD on the weekends as I work fulltime, and I eat brown bread too, so if I was to buy a loaf of white just for the weekends it would get wasted. She is happy to eat brown at home with me and has white at nursery and when she is with my sister. I hope that is okay though- I do worry! x
  • I give my boy who will be 2 in september mostly brown bread or wholemeal bread, I ve never had any issues with him being overly full from it. And I have been giving him brown or wholemeal since introducing bread into his diet. I love white bread (not toast unless toasted, but proper white bread) but it is not the healthiest thing to have so in our household we mostly eat other types of bread. Same goes for both kiddies and adults :P
  • I freeze a loaf of white bread and just toast one piece every morning! YOu are right they are suposed to have white, so that they have more room for other things. I dont think its a disaster having brown unless they have a lot of bread or starchy carbs for every meal. YOu'll know if they are eating enough of their other food groups.

    As for the poo. Jen too suffers like this. Im not sure why. I give her some stewed apple/pear/prune/apricot every morning, and this seems to help.

    Em x
  • i never knew about the brown bread thing, ds always has what ever i've bought which 85% of the time is that 'best of both' bread but on occassion has brown, wholemeal, oats and seeds etc etc, very very rarely do we have white. i think aslong as the rest of their diet isn't too high in fibre then it'll be fine. usually teething makes stools loose, but i suppose it can work the other way too, as it just generally upsets their workings and can be different for everyone. or have u noticed him drop any liquids (water/juice) particularly if the weather has been warmer when they should be having more fluids. sorry if thats not it, just a thought. xx
  • I've been doing that with white bread, freezing it and only using a slice or 2 at a time.
    We've moved onto the 50/50 bread now with a view to using brown or wholemeal when he is 2 in Oct. x
  • It is just to do with too much fibre maybe causing diarrhoea, and filling them up so they don't eat as much. xx
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