He only wants finger foods!?

Harri has totally gone off spoon feeding! All he wants is food that he can feed himself, especially at lunch time. Has anyone else had this with their lo? is it a normal phase they go through? Also any ideas on interesting healthgy food i can give him, apart from sandwhiches organix cereal bars,toast,oranges and a few quavers. xxx


  • banana, apple, rusks,
  • Any fruit sliced up or tinned slice fruits (tinned in juice), pasta, spaghetti, runner beans, green beans, peas, cheese cubes, crackers, grapes (cut in half) raisins, slices of pepper, cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber chunks, chunks of cooked chicken (or other meat), ham slices, beef slices, shall I go on?? Basically ANYTHING!

    I think it is a phase a lot of kids go through - what does he do if you give hima spoon? I have started doing this with my lo and if I then tip the bowl/pot he will dip the spoon in and feed himself (VERY messy). Equaly if he wants it in his hands you can still do stuff like spag bol etc etc but just let him eat it with his hands.

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  • Why don't you just swap to babyled weaning him thats what we are doing with lo and its so much fun. Basically you can give whatever you are eating as long as its in pieces that they can pick up ie matchsticks. Lots of info if you google it and the is a book out that you can buy on amazon that gives loads of info on blw!
  • Yeah Ellis started this a couple of months ago, i posted this question too lol
    Baby carrots are a big hit with him, think he would happily just eat carrots! also make your own baked chips, or any cut up boiled vegetables, grapes banana, the best thing i found was to give him something to hold to eat - which distracts him while you spoon feed, i often give him a yorkshire pudding and he happily chomps on that between mouthfuls!
    Or peas, i put them on his highchair and he's busy picking them up that he lets me feeds him! bless!
    Good luck


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