Maternity Pay for Teachers in England - help! (Also in pg)

Hi Girls,
Apologies if this has been done before!

Is anyone able to confirm maternity pay for teachers in England, I think I have it right but want to be sure, I also know that there is the 'Burgundy Book' out there but every copy I have found on google seems to be from 2000 and I am not sure if the info is still accurate.

Is this right?

39 weeks paid:
4 weeks full pay,
2 weeks 90% pay,
3 months at half pay + SMP
21 weeks at SMP only

Does this sound correct?? I think some authorities might also do 6 weeks @ 90% instead of the full pay followed by the 90% if you see what I mean.

Any help gratefully received image

Love MrsH xxx


  • Thats what I got. If you ring your authorities HR they will be able to comfirm what you are entitled too. Or download a copy of the burgundy book (teacher's terms and conditions)

  • this is what my LA do, i received a booklet about my rights and responsibilities from my bursar/admin when i told my head and it explained everything, your LA may do the same!
  • forgive me for butting in here but has the mat pay allowance not gone up from 39 weeks to 52 weeks or did i dream that :lol: xx
  • think you can take 52 weeks but only get paid for 39. x
  • think you can take 52 weeks but only get paid for 39. x
  • Thank you for your replies girls, yes aerosmith, you can take 52 weeks but I was just refering to the weeks when I will get paid image

  • Hello, every LEA is different. In mine I got 6 months 100% (yay!), 3 months statutory mat then 3 months of nothing. However my neighbouring LEA had entirely different mat payment ... fingers crossed you have a fab LEA x
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