Solids & Milk - LO prefers milk....

Usually everyone seems to have the opposite problem but Gabe (8mths) hasnt taken well to solids at all.

He does eat them but they don't seem to fill him up. When he isn't teething he will have a bottle (7oz) every 4 hours and full meals between these! I've tried dropping a bottle - like he has his 1st bottle at 7am and then breakfast (cereal or porridge made with cows milk) at 8am (he takes both really well). He has dinner at 12pm ish and he will happily go till then without a bottle if I dont offer it at 11 which I usually do. He has lots to eat at dinner and has it fine but he's still after his bottle afterwards???

He's always like this - it's like solids don't fill him up as much as milk. It doesnt make a difference if I up his portions or add a pudding or anything!

I'm absolutely fine with him having 4 7oz bottles and 3 meals lol cos he isnt putting on much weight so it might help bulk him up a bit (he's 20lb 7oz and 80cm+ probably more so a skinny boy!)

But I just wondered if your lo is satisifed after solids or do they just want more milk..


  • Lily has 3 meals a day and still has 4 8oz bottles. She has shown no sign of not wanting her milk anymore yet and is slowing down in the weight gain - 1oz in 3 weeks. She isn't that fussed about solids I don't think!
  • Have you tried giving him snacks instead of milk between meals. You could try giving him some Dairylea/cheddar or Organix do some good snacks.
  • I have tried the snacks but doesn't make a jot of difference!! Weird eh! Its like nothing fills him up except milk.
  • HV came round the other day and told me I should drop one of Evie's milk feeds, cos she has at least 3 and usually 4 bottles a day. But she is also eating breakfast, a stage 2 jar and a yog at dinnertime then sometimes tea and always supper. She has solids at same time as milk and takes both pretty well.

    Does Gabe like milky puds like rice pud and semolina? Cos if so you can always make it with formula and then give him less in his bottle. You could also try giving him snacks that have plenty of calories, like cheese and buttery toast etc.

    I'm sure he will drop the milk feed when he's ready!

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