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Put Charlotte down for a nap this morning then I started the ironing. She wasn't settling but I left her then a few minutes later I head an almighty thud & bang and she started screaming! I ran up the stairs thinking she had fallen out of the cot but she was still in it(??) and extemely upset. I got her out and took her downstairs but i couldn't calm her down no matter what I did. She was also angry and was throwing toys around and slapping my arms, then wanting me, but when I picked her up she didn't want a cuddle!? She was also not able to catch her breath (like she was on Friday evening) and I was getting very scared. Eventually she calmed down after nearly an hour, and I took her outside for some fresh air.
She's eaten her lunch ok and seems fine now but I was so concerned.

She had her mmr jab nearly 2 weeks ago and oh thinks it's that thats upset her. I jusr don't know what to think! Do you think I should be concerned or was she just so upset she couldn't catch her breath? I know I can remember when I was little crying so hard I had to catch my breath (almost like hiccups).

I also don't know what the crash bang was! She must have stood in her cot (mattress on lowest level) then fallen into the side??


OH got back from his run after the "episode" so he's took her out for a walk to a local nature reserve to cheer her up and give me some alone time (on BE!). I've also got some hot cross buns to eat.
He can be a pain at times but he does his best ;\)

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  • hi hun ...jack sometimes does a loud bang in his cot and its cos he is banging into the top bit of the cot where its just wood ...usually his head image ...im sure she is fine perhaps a mixture of over tired combined with a little bump and then just worked herself up ...how old is she? jack sometimes gets so wound up with a tantrum that he cant calm down and he hits out im sure he forgets why he is crying so much :roll:

    it could be the mmr has just made her feel under the weather but im not sure jack was ok after his jabs ...sorry not much help

    hope she is ok now xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • She's 13 and half months so getting to a more independent age - and stroppy! She's started using her shape sorter toy properly now but if she can't get a shape thru it she'll throw all the shapes across the room in a little temper! She's also trying to stand & walk and gets impatient with this now cos she needs our help. So maybe it's a developmental phase...??
    She's had a few unsettled nights as well so maybe teething. I
  • yea hun defo sounds like a development phase ..frustration she probably wanted to get out of the cot and got so cross cos she couldnt she threw herself back this was jacks favourite trick .... teething does funny things to them too so im sure its a mixture of both ..if she is ok now and ate her lunch im sure its nothing to worry about ...perhaps this is embarking on toddler phase for u :lol: i love tantrums so much image xxxxxxxxx
  • She had a little nap in her pushchair whilst out with oh so she came back a lot brighter. Ate most of her tea and was pretty playful. So don't think it's anything serious, hopefully she just got VERY upset. Don't want it to happen again soon though!
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