baby rice at 7 weeks???

hi ladies,
just wanted to ask a quick question, a friend of mine had her son the week after i had my daughter, because he wont sleep thru the night at 7 weeks which i think is to be expected still, she is giving him baby rice.
now she complains that he sleeps thru the night but is constipated for 2-3 days after.
i think that 7 weeks is too early for him to digest properly and suggested the hungrier baby milk instead which has helped my daughter enormously.
she wouldnt have any of it and said that she was gonna take him to the dr cos there must be something wrong with him.
am i being naive about all this? the packets all say that you should wait until at least 4 months?? i`m worried about the baby`s health.


  • i think some babies need it before 4 months but i really do agree that 7 weeks is far too early. i agree with you that a baby waking in the night at 7weeks it perfectly normal. my lo (now 18months) didnt start dropping feeds till at least 11weeks. we didnt wean till 5months but my sil had to at 11weeks coz lo was so hungry.xx
  • thanks for the replies ladies,
    she has 2 other children and her husband has 3 others, and they both just looked at me like i was insane when i said that at 7 weeks i`d be suprised if he was sleeping thru, and pretty much told me i didnt know what iwas talking about cos i only had 2 children. rahh bloody people.
    the baby is lovely and all they do is moan about him cos he cries. what do theyexpect?
    sorry about the rant but some people make me so mad when it comes to babies.
  • You would think that people who have had a lot of babies would know that they are all different; some will sleep through at 6 weeks while it will take others months to get there. Research tells us that we shouldn't give solids before 17 weeks as they can not digest food properly. I know you should probably take it all with a pinch of salt but it is a long way from 7 weeks! Like the previous lady said, we all do things differently and as she is going to the Doctors I am sure they will let her know if she is doing anything which might be harmful to her baby.
  • I think 7weeks is FAR too early personally. babies digestive systems are not even nearly fully developed at that time and if your baby seems hungry then it's just a case of either upping the ounces or like you say, hungrier baby milk. baby rice if given excessively does cause constipation in babies, so no wonder. i wouldnt expect a 7week old to be sleeping through in the first place, and i think you're friend is expecting too much of her tiny boy. i very much doubt there is anything wrong with him at all and her doctor will tell her the same. xx

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  • I actually quite shocked by this. At 7 weeks he can't even sit up straight!!
    Please don't be offended but I think its quite selfish of them to start their baby on baby rice "just to get some sleep". Everybody knows that babies, although they're absolutely adorable, mean dirty nappies and sleepless nights. Someone with so many kids should surely realise this!!
  • I totally agree with anatoriac. 7 weeks is very early. no wonder the baby is constipated as it's digestive system surely can't cope with anything but milk. That's the main reason why you shouldn't wean until 17 weeks (so I've been told). Our lo did not drop night feeds until around 10 - 12 weeks and I thought we were very lucky.
    I think she needs re-educating on babies! Sorry but she sounds like she doesn't know what she's doing! I'm only giving my honest opinion.
  • She's mental! lets just hope the baby is not coming to any harm. I'm looking at my 5 week old and cannot even begin to imagine him trying to eat baby rice in as little as 2 weeks. And as much as I would love him to start going through the night soon, babies are babies and will do what they want, when they want!
  • Someone in my family gave there baby chocolate pudding at this age!! For the same reason too so he would sleep through but it totally backfired as he still doesnt sleep through now and he is 1half! I think it is selfish to give babies food at this age to get them to sleep through, she should put the baby on hungry baby milk!
  • i do understand what lindsay is saying about my friend being the mummy, but when she complains that he screams all day cos he is constipated, anyone with an ounce of common sense would stop giving the baby rice.its not nice to have as an adult let alone as a baby who doesnt understand why their tummy hurts so much.
  • you are so right. its not fair to force food on the poor wee thing. are you not meant to be enjoying the feeding and cuddles at the moment and i have to add that i actually used to enjoy the quiet time at night when it was just me and chloe. it is very selfish of her to think of herself in that way. if she takes lo to docs for constipation surly he will say something about feeding at that age.
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