Eye contact -prem baby...

Hi girls,

Poppy is 7weeks today but has yet to make
any eye contact! She did arrive at 36weeks
so should I be counting her development as

I'm really worried as her eyes don't appear to
focus on anything and If I wave my hand in front
of her eyes she doesn't respond etc

Please help!


  • Hi,
    Yes always work on her correct age (My LO was born at 35 weeks and I still need to remember this in terms of her development!).
    If she's 7 weeks old, have you had or got booked your GP checkup for her and yourself? If so then the doc should check her eyesight and you can mention it as a concern to them at that appointment.
  • Yes her corrected ag is the one you should be using. My lo was born at 34 weeks.
  • I agree to go on corrected age. My daughter was also born at 34 weeks.
  • I agree to go on corrected age. My daughter was also born at 34 weeks.
  • So if Poppy was due 11th June do I need to think
    she is 3weeks??? Instead of nearly 7weeks?
  • Yes, if her actual age is 7 weeks and she was 4 weeks early then her corrected age would be 3 weeks.

    My daughter was almost 4 weeks early and to be honest she isn't really behind at all (6 1/2 months) but I always try to keep in mind her corrected age when thinking about her development just to allow for that leeway and so I don't stress about whether she's 'behind' or not.

    Love NN xxx
  • Yes. My boys were born at 36 + 2 and we class them as 4 weeks behind. Try not to worry too much, although with appointments you should go by their actual age - so you would have their six week check up when they are 6 weeks born, not six weeks corrected.

    My boys are behind on everything - and at 9 months are not sitting unaided, and Alfie doesnt really roll, but my HV keeps telling me not to worry, and she doesnt!


    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 9 months tomorrow!
  • All babies are different and development milestones are only ever a guide. She'll be early/average/behind on various things throughout her development but it's always good to go off her corrected age so you don't stress as much. They all get there in their own time.
    Mention the eye thing to doc/HV just so they can check to see what they think, better that than miss something.
  • Thanks girls...that's made me feel much better!
    Xxx xxx
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