baby foods to give at 4 months

mille is now on solids ( well purees ) and shes loving them, so far shes had carrot, sweet potato, sweet potato and brocolli, sweet potato, carrot and parsnip, and apple. i have got some butternut squash to make and try her with any ideas what else she can have?? she cant have dairy til 6 months can she? what other fruits r good to try? i have got a bannana to try her with anything else? i have annabel karmels 100 baby puree book which is brill but alot r 6 months and over which have meat in which under 6 months they cant have either can they or berries and citrus fruits xx

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  • i have been making most the stuff my self and freezing as she doesnt eat a huge amount. she has tried a few of the bought cereals and i found they all tasted the same!! i think it was cos they all had bananna in!! and thats just takes over lol xx
  • brocoli pear and peas. pear?? eww sounds horrid lol. yes gonna try butternut squash next i've never even tried that lol. got some pears too will mix them with apple
  • Barney quite likes courgette, especially mixed with sweet potatoe, swede works well too, normal potatoe mashed up with her normal milk. I quite often give him half and half veg and baby rice mixed with milk which he enjoys. We also have a Cow and Gate cereal with apricot in which has no bannana in it!! One of my books also says that they can have chicken and turkey from 5 months as it is easier to digest than red meat.
  • i gave millie the cow and gate fruity cereal and she loved it! i did too tastes like porridge mmmm xx
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