Its so sad

I've just read in the Daily Mail paper the story about the little 3 year old boy battered to death and its brought a huge lump in my throat and a tear to my eye.

What on earth are these people thinking of when they carry out these attacks on young defensless children?

Being a mother myself to a little boy, i would do everything i possibly can to protect him and if anyone ever dared to hurt my little boy then i wouldn't be responsible for my actions.

These people are sick.


  • Yeah its awful
  • It actually made me feel sick. How could anyone do that to a young child?

    And, why were members of his family crying in the public gallery?? If his mum was struggling and acted in good faith leaving him with relative strangers, why didnt her family help her??
  • It's just awful, I can't understand why someone would do that?
    In my town, a man has just been arrested for attempted murder of a 9 month old, took him out of his pram on a busy expressway and walked infront of a moving car.

    People like that must be pure evil or very, very ill

  • Its a terrible story, really heartbreaking. Gemmiebaby - I dont think we can judge the family, we don't know the full story and as far as I am aware the babysitter was actually a relation. The little boys mum may not have even admitted to other family members that she as struggling. The family members have lost a young child and have every right to cry.

    Lulu 88 - I live in Warrington too. My partner works for the ambulance service and was in a&e when the baby came in. He said it was horrific, especially as our little girl is the same age. Its so sad.
  • Yes this was a heartbreaking story to read about.
    I read that the babysitters were the mum's cousin and cousin's partner so not strangers and I haven't read anything to suggest the mum was struggling, just that she paid them to babysit regularly??
    Either way, it's so scary to think that people can do this to a child x x
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