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More the Merrier!!

Have any mums on here got more than 4 children?or plan on having at least that?We definetly want at least 4 if we can(currently have two!)

I saw something on TV not long ago about a woman with 9!I totally admire her. I find myself pulling my hair out at the best of times!And thats with just two!


  • i want a HUGE family - but not just yet. Im only 21 and have 3 so im gonna give it a few yrs, unless another surprise comes along!! I must admit I would love to be pg again but my brain kicks in and says - NO!
  • hi . i have 5 kids and i am 30. they are thomas 9, oliver 7, joshua 4, rosie 3 and archie 15 months. i love having a big family, we initially said 4 kids but have stretched to no 5. would love no6 but hubby not so keen.xx
  • I have 4 and have 12wks left to go with no5! Vicki is 8 in Nov, then Katie is 7 in 6 days, Luke will be 4 the day after new baby's due date (fab timing huh!) and Alex is 2 next March.

    Most days are as hectic as hell - like today when I decided to bath all 4 this morning plus girls needed a dose of 'de-bugging' done too lol but on saying that, I love having a big family - feel proud of what me and dh have achieved. Bedtimes at the mo include not just goodnight kisses for me - bump gets his own kisses n cuddles too!!!! Times like that really make ur heart melt image
  • we have 2 at moment, and def wnat one more, maybe two more...can i ask all those who have 4+ children, how you manage financially? i would absolutely love lots kids but my worry would be money. do you find that you just manage or is it ok?
  • I have three kids and am pregnant with no. 4. I didn't always want a big family but after each child have wanted 'just one more'

    I am 25 and have Brandon 6, Lily 4 and Reuben almost 8 months and we are due 14th Feb.

    We cope fine financially but then we don't drink, smoke or socialise much. We wouldn't really spend a lot of money on days out either just the odd treat of bowling or to the farm. Our family trips would be to the beach or park or my kids love the forrest- collecting bugs and looking for wildlife.

    My kids are well turned out and have loads of toys but we don't really buy toys or gifts other than birthdays / christmas.

    I was always like this with my kids even when we only had two- I am really glad too coz they appreciate the simple things and aren't constantly asking can I have. My sil is the opposite she spends LOADS on trips here there and everywhere and her daughter just moans, nothing ever seems to be enough.

    My two absolutely LOVE going down to the river with a fishing net and bucket with their wellies on and we take a blanket and watch them from the grass. We have juice and crisps and they really love it- to me thats how childhood should be
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