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Just any expereinces good or bad please image

Do they give everyone a 'consultation' does anyone know?

They have just branched into the north (v unusual for child agencies as far as I can tell) so was just wondering what their reputation is!


  • hi my dd used to be with urban angels but she didnt get work so we changed to another reputable agency and she hasnt stopped working..there was no fee to join the books..however it has taken its toll with all the driving and so we have decided to stop for a while as she starts nursary next week but good look.x
  • Do you mind if I ask what was the other agency and do you know if they work uk wide or only in london?
  • hi..its a private agency in mancester even tho i live in lincs i have to travel all over with primrose my freind owns the agency its for acting as well her last job was for mamas&papas but as i said prim is 2 now and so im going to take a year off for her as i dont want to push her.p.s bizzykids is a very good agency..x
  • I applied for Urban Angels and they said she's been shortlisted and they'll make a decision by the end of the month - but there is a fee to pay if successful and I'd always thought that you should never pay so not sure what to do?

    Anyone know good, reputable agencies in the midlands?

    Prettygirl congrats on the work you LO is getting!
  • we had the same message from urban angels. im so jubious though coz i signed brooke with models direct and paid the fee... gutted and she hasnt had any work from them.. later was told they are a con!!! grrr....

  • Upsy_daisy sorry to hear about models direct situation. My Sophie just been accepted too but the email they sent put me off a little stuff like read the FAQ before calling us sounds a bit like they wanna avoid contacting and a fee for 3 years, its a bit long.
  • It was the fee part that was putting me off a bit too as like everyone else has said supposedly you are not supposed to pay one but I can't find a reputable company that doesn't ask for one and at least with urban angels you get 2 of the photographic studio photos for the price of your fee (which is the lowest fee I have come across too)

    Dunno??? Still confused??!!

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  • Just wondered if anyone had heard from them yet?
    We just heard today and are going to manchester on Sunday. Not sure if we'll sign him if he gets accepted or not yet though as Boss model management want to se him in October. Don't know who's the best to go with :\?

  • Yep we have a consultation in Manchester on Thurs - but I am wondering about it all. Will have to pay ??50 to travel to manchester and then if he doesn't get it then that is wasted money. Plus if he does get it and he gets work (which from this thread sounds unsure) then we will most likely have to travel to all work which is expensive and I don't know if what he earns will make it worthwhile?!
  • Mmm it's a tough one isn't it? I think when you go to castings the only time you get reimbursed for travel expenses is if your lo actually gets the job.
    Kades cousin has done modelling since he was a baby (16 now) and the jobs he's had usually pay minimal but for some jobs he's done he's earned up to ??700.00.

    Were not too bad as only an hour away from Manchester but it's still money & time isn't it?
    Think we'll just go for a nosy and have a day round Manchester while were there as apparently it's only a 10min slot!
  • I now 10/15 min appt - and for us it would be 3 hours on the train (from newcastle!!!) Still so undecided about it all! Wish someone on here had had a FABULOUS or HORRENDOUS experience with them and then I would have more momentum one way or the other!
  • That's quite a way to go isn't it.
    Good luck if you do go and post if you decide to go with them ;\)
  • Hi Louise - what time is your appointment with Kade?? We're going on Sunday too - seems like a lot of babies being shortlisted don't you think?
  • brooke didnt get short listed... am gutted she obviously isnt as cute as everyone says she is image *cry*

    hope u get on okay girls
  • Sorry donna, not been on for a few days.
    Our appointment is 12.10pm. What's yours? Never know might see you there lol.

    Upsy daisy can't believe Brooke didn't get short listed...she's sooo cute! Keep trying image

    Craftycharli, did you go?

  • No decided not to both as I found out that most of the work if he did get it would be in manchester too and I didn't think 6 hours travelling each time was fair on him so we cancelled. Bit disappointed but ti was the right choice - with travel costs he wouldn't have made any money etiher so it was pointless. Hope it goes well for you guys tomorrow.
  • Hi

    My son has been with urban angels in the south since last year June. He's been to 6 castings in that time and had 2 shoots for boots mini club and the daily mirror in that time. It just depends really one moment it can be quiet and not hear anything for 2months then he can get a few had 2 castings in one day before.

    I would say they are a good agency and the yearly fee is ??60 which is good compared to others I have seen.

    I renewed his contract for another year ????
  • I took regester  my daughter for modelling to uk model . uk model ask me to pay for her  portfolio    £1000 which I paid and they told me that i can use that for any agent and also uk model told me they can help me to get my daughter good agent but now I  found anther agent that will do the same and even get you job but they charge me £180 pund .

    uk model told me that none agent shouldn't charge beside they commission but buzzkids agent told me that what ever uk model told as none of they thing they have to do they own portfilo so  I'm now confused after I spend uk model £1000 pund now also going to pay around £180 for buzzkids for portfilo ,I wondering wether my daughter will get work? Or what hell is goun on

  • Hi what is the agency called because we was going to Singh a contract for blackberry models but found out it's a scam so we wouldn't mind trying this one out x

  •  I run an Agency for acting not modelling and I don't charge a joining or website fee, I would be wary of any agency that requires this, however the model agencies may run different. My childrens agencies does insist children our members of Spotlight but that cost does not come to me , we only take our 15% commission if a child has secured work  happy to part with £80 

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